The problems with Non Disclosure Agreements and games

Gamerlaw: Games companies, like all tech companies, love non disclosure agreements (‘NDAs’). Particularly enthusiastic companies tend to scatter them around like confetti. But NDAs are often misunderstood or used in the wrong way - which can have serious legal consequences. Besides which, we regularly see NDA ‘embargoes’ being breached, to no apparent ill effect. In this post, I talk about what NDAs are, what they do and give some tips for how to use them more effectively.

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AstroZombie12807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Being a SCEE beta tester I fully understand what a NDA is it basically legally stops me from saying anything to anyone or third party other than Sony at least that's my (and many other testers) understanding of it.

The above of course applies to Private betas (the one you lot don't get invites or codes for from websites) such as Girl with a stick (Resistance 2) a few years back.

Of course when Games do go to public beta (where you guys come in through website give-aways) then there is no NDA, however the private beta we tested is still under a NDA so even though it's now public we can't say anything about what we tested in the private stage.

Not rocket science really.