The Top Ten Worst Game Endings

NowGamer follow up its recent Top Ten Best Game Endings shortlist with a look at the worst endings gaming has to offer.

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Javert2986d ago

This is gonna get a lot of complaints, I can't believe they said they almost put MGS4 on this list. If thats not fishing for hits I don't know what is.

Reibooi2986d ago

Yeah totally agree with that. The fact that MGS4 was able to pull everything together and have a good ending that pretty much tied up all the plot threads was a damn incredible feat.

Sure the ending was long but that doesn't make it bad. I like long endings because it's like your reward for getting that far and you get to sit back relax and enjoy a good ending.

creatchee2986d ago

I'm glad that they didn't include MGS4, but you have to admit that it was a long and drawn-out ending that stopped making sense after a while in order to tie up "loose" ends, Return of the King-style.

Downtown boogey2985d ago

Had they included it, I would've gone crazy again for the unprecedented level of delusion repeatedly present here on N4G.

pixelsword2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

besides, has this kid never played Code Name: Tenka? That game was ahead of it's time because it was the first fully Polygonal 3D First Person Shooter for the original Playstation. Plus, with a morphable gun and the way the game opened up from a weak-looking shooter to a rather impressive game in it's day. Too bad it just had to crap itself in the end with the horrible ending.

Here are the cutscenes leading up to the ending:

and then the ending.

mastiffchild2985d ago

Is it just me or does anyone wanting "closure" from an Activision franchise game that has a sequel as standard(every second year in MW's case) completely deluded? It will go on forever, like Lost, making lewss and lesss sense as you see more and more instances of deja-vu and ecycled edning bits. That is fact.

There can be no closure until Acti decide the game isn't selling enough and then your closure will be "series canned". It's the only ending I can see outside of a fan made effort, post last profitable entry, manfully trying to sort out what's an increasingly mental tale before the C&D orders land. See-take that as your closure Dave. It's the best you'll get, sadly, and still no one can give me any reason why we couldn't just kill Makarov during the No Russian mission-unless the ONLY reason the level ever existed was to shock the US media into a little free publicity for the already over hyped MW2-oh, the notoriety!

ico922985d ago

i really liked MGS 2's ending if anything its one of my favourite video game endings i loved Snakes Monologue it was a feel good ending ,im tierd of people constantly bashing MGS2 and calling it overrated its getting old once you play the game multiple times the story is really intelligent, complex and convoluted mabey but very interesting and unique there reallly isnt anything like it,
just because you can't understand a story doesnt make it bad ,and the final bombshell about the patriots right at the end was an amazing twist.

Kos-Mos2985d ago

Totally agree. People who don`t like MGS`s story do not understand it. It`s just like people who don`t like Stanley Kubrics movies, but prefer Michael Bay`s movies.

High Intelligence vs. simplicity to make it short.

lost22985d ago

i think is the game with the WORST ending ever

miyakoS2985d ago

well I played Fallout 3 quite a few patches after release and I had Broken Steel (though I haven't had the time to go through that yet). Still, I rather enjoyed the Fallout 3 heroic ending in which the main character died (or so I thought before I woke up in the Citadel). But then I had done quite a few side quests so I was ready to get some closure to the game.

I don't really know how much the patches and Broken Steel changed the choices at the ending I played though, except for the Fawkes bit, which I thought was the lesser ending cause sending a super mutant to take the fall for the main character's own destiny just struck a wrong note somehow.

vickers5002985d ago

"If thats not fishing for hits I don't know what is."

Yeah, because someone who has a different opinion than you is only doing it for hits.


kindi_boy2985d ago

Do you guys think this dude played Fable II?

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Cajun Chicken2986d ago

Haven: Call of the King has a diabolical ending.

Inside_out2986d ago

If the game is good/great/fantastic...the ending is always never want it to expect it's greatness will continue...common sense...when you like the ending it's usually because you've had enough, time to move on....

mcnablejr2986d ago

I loved haven. the ending is ridiculous, obviously there was a planned sequel./

Cajun Chicken2985d ago

Yeah, Haven's up there with the Jaks for me.

Christopher2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Don't agree with the Fallout 3 assessment. Just because there's no closure as to the fate of man (we already know about Mom & Dad, which is what we went out looking for) doesn't mean it's not a good ending. Personally, I liked it because it wasn't an all happy ending and playing it the first time and ending up with the choice to save the people or screw them over while I was fairly certain doomed to death... it was kind of hard for me to do the right thing.

Also, point of contention, the eulogy is done by the Narrator, voiced by Ron Perlman.

Tempist2985d ago

Well... to be honest, if you didn't play the game without the DLC/expansion stuff, the ending was not enjoyable. The fact that the game just up and ends at that point instead of letting you play on really made fans of Fallout 1&2 mad.

You basically spend 30-50 hours playing a character for the game to just end on you, unlike Oblivion where you can keep going.

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I can understand that argument, but I still wouldn't put it on a top ten list of worst endings. I believe the end is appropriate and I even ended it early myself without knowing it would end and stopped playing until the DLC came out. I could have loaded up my last save and looked for more to do, but the ending seemed very appropriate with the concept of a post-apocalyptic 'savior' who goes out looking for answers to his past, doesn't really get what he wants for answers, and ends up sacrificing him/herself for the good of the world.

/agree with ya for a valid point and the manner in which it was delivered.

miyakoS2985d ago

yeah I rather enjoyed Fallout 3's ending. The way it went out with a bang made the main story alot more enjoyable to me than Oblivion. The main character makes life bearable for the people in the DC area, even if s/he ultimately changes nothing whatever about the fate of man...

I really don't understand what people have against the ending unless they charged into the main story without exploring several side quests and such

BeaArthur2986d ago

I actually don't agree with a lot of the games on this list. I liked the Ending to KOTOR 2. Fallout 3, although kind of bleak had a very good ending. Halo 2's ending did kind of suck though. Not so much that it ended in a cliff hanger but the fact that it's so abrupt.

Kingdom Come2986d ago

Terrible List...Nuff Said.
How can they put Gears of War 2 on this list? The after Credits section was brilliant, adding the mystery created throughout both games as to Adam Fenix's connection to the Locust race and his mysterious dissapearance.

Greysturm2986d ago

Its an Mgs ripoff and the before credits ending wasnt anything of note, some would even say lackluster.

TheoreticalParticle2985d ago

It's not because it's an MGS ripoff. It's because there's so little story spread out through the game that trying to make a cliffhanger is a freaking joke. If you combine the story for the first two games and put them into one, you still have a pathetic amount of story for ONE game, and you've got CliffyB acting like he just put together some epic novel.

The list is mostly terrible. Just like the ending to Gears and Gears 2. They pick some of the right games to complain about, but there's no coherence to any of their complaints.

ThanatosDMC2985d ago

Adam boned the Queen and Marcus is their son... that's the only explanation.

mastiffchild2985d ago

When I saw the article headline the first game ending I thought of was Gears2. From the similarity to the first game's end to the most disappointing final boss encounter ion living memory and the hammy as all hell Adam monologue it as al;l a massive let down after what had been a generally great game. I get the Gears1.5 criticisms, though, and they should really have avoided making the ending so samey if they wished to avoid more of that particular gripe.

It's a great game but I think it deserves the dubious honour of being included here for that trite and al to familiar tosh they tacked on at the arse end of what had been, up to then, a genuinely exciting adrenaline rush of a game. I STILL get annoyed thinking about that last Boss "fight" sequence to this day as I just felt it was SO underwhelming and seemed it came from Cliff's big book of lazy assed devlopment.

Sheikh Yerbouti2985d ago

but it could have ended in the middle of the game and the story would not have advanced any less. I felt like I took a subway ride to the ending of the game with the Brumak battle. Both Gears 2 and MGS2 belong on this list. There may be far worse games endings though.

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