Naughty Bear Naughty Nightmare Part 3 released

E4G: 505 Games has just released yet another trailer for their upcoming game Naughty Bear. This trailer is basically just a rip-off of Jaws but it seems that they have pulled it off except for the fact that bears cannot swim.

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headhunter2712d ago

pardon me for noticing this but the site saying bears can't swim as a flaw I for one am wondering if they realize this is a video game not national geographic lol

dardinkay2712d ago

Still, it is a good thing to point out lol

Convas2712d ago

... multiple kinds of awesome! I can't wait to nab this one and terrorize some furrie.

Naughty Bear GOTY 2010!

dardinkay2712d ago

*Looks at profile* hmm....naughty bear fan....woot, I am not alone lol.