Ideas For Microsoft's Project Natal

The Project Natal motion technology is on the tip of every gamers tongues in regard to the upcoming Microsoft E3 conference. Microsoft’s hidden gem that could turn the gaming arena on hits head, Sony has its Playstation Move controller but it is has more information about how it will actually play. Whilst MS offering doesn’t, there are many ideas and rumours about games that have or will incorporate Natal. Here I will talk more open minded about the genre ideas. How will developers use Natal for say a platforming game? Or a Shooter? These are my ideas for some different genres.

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Alcon Caper2843d ago

I think a good idea would be to use whatever the camera sees as your body position as a "platform" for your character to walk on/jump on. So if there's a crevice the character needs to cross, just hold up your arm and he crosses on your arm to the other side... I dunno...

Neat article..will probably get flamed for the mention of God of War...

Sitris2842d ago

but god of war is more known haha

Sitris2842d ago

but that's the idea for natal it is a whole new way to play things, not just more accurate, it truly is different and amazingly risky

Sitris2842d ago

it really could be the next best thing in gaming, but it all is coulds and shoulds atm so we will see next month if it is any good or not