PlayStation Home Goes Old School

PSLS writes: "Those of you out there who frequent PlayStation Home will be pleased to know that an all-new, relatively large space is on its way and we’ve got the first details for you!

This new public space, simply entitled “The Playground”, will be one gigantic space reminiscent of old-school urban New Jersey/New York and will serve as one of the more impressive publicly accessible spaces to date. If you happen to be walking about the city, you’ll be able to join in on some block party fun, dancing to some old school 1980’s beats (hopefully licensed), play a game of H-O-R-S-E on the basketball courts or stroll through the park for a game of chess. The city rooftops are also accessible via fire escapes for your all-around chill out sessions where music will also be playing."

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ThatCanadianGuy2810d ago

Sounds pretty damn nice! Haven't been on Home in a few weeks but will check this out for sure.

NJShadow2810d ago

I just hope that they start using licensed music to really bring that "real world" feel to Home. This music that they keep recycling over and over is starting to make my head hurt.

RUN*DMC with some NWA and maybe a little Fresh Prince goodness would be awesome. =)

TK4212810d ago

Why do I feel guilty about not going home more often?

They do have some pretty cool stuff in there and it always seems to be lots of people in it.

Kurisu2810d ago

Half the time those people are hitting on other virtual people or throwing out racial slur at every available oppurtunity!

Chubear2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

HOME is for how YOU want to experience it. With over 7million users and over 1million persistent constant users world wide, weather you visit every day, week, month or every 6months, it doesn't matter just along as you use it how you feel like using it.

There are 100s of thousands of HOME users that are on there every day for insane amount of hours and many more that just pop in for a few hours every week.

HOME has a solid base that's growing constantly and it's the largest social gaming forum to date even though many HOMEers don't really game.

Over 100 unique games & mini games and all for free, this thing ain't failing or dying any time soon (in fact it's the opposite) though the naysayers will desperately want and tell
you it is.

... just hurry up and bring me my 3D trophy room. That's my number 1 need right now followed by streaming media off my HDtv and Sound system in my HOME apartment.

Chubear2810d ago

I look back a year and half ago at what HOME used to be and then I think, damn, what's it going to be like just a year from now.

irepbtown2810d ago

Im going to check it out when it's released, haven't been on it for a long long long time. Maybe after this they will add vehicles. That would be brilliant.
But then all of a sudden, Home will be the next GTA (just not as violent).

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aaabbbccc43242810d ago

i just hope you can go there on europe home and not just american home as usual, all europe gets is sodium or stuff for children :(

NJShadow2810d ago

It seems like every region has a "want what you can't have" mentality, with the exception of maybe Japan Home. =)

I will say though, NA Home is awesome, but I love the EU Home forum community. =)

claterz2810d ago

Japan just awesome.

Irnbruguy2810d ago

The EU Forum has a generally good community all around.. in my opinion :p

guitarded772810d ago

What they need is an airport, which can be a hub to travel from US to EU to Japan Home... that would be freaking awesome.

ReBurn2810d ago

That sounds cool. I haven't been in Home for a long time. Maybe I'll check this out.

NJShadow2810d ago

It's unfortunate that that seems to be the most common response to Home, which shows that Sony really needs to step it up when it comes to features that really encourage community participation and enhance the PSN experience rather than being so untethered.

And in my opinion, SodiumOne is a really poor example, because they just threw in a sub-par game that probably wouldn't even do well on the PSN and said "Hey, you get points to buy and trade resources", which sort of made it a halfway thought out idea. This new space, hopefully, is a step in the right direction.

T3mpr1x2810d ago

Part of the problem for me with Home is the loading time. Granted the recent caching has definitely helped, but there's still that initial wait. Something like this should be embedded on a small (4 or 8 GB) flash-based memory unit built into future consoles...

jay22810d ago

Show Europe some flipping love, Sony.

robert02672810d ago

I love playing my ps3, but I just don't like home I have to many games to play!

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