Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade videos

Videos of the cancelled Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade have popped up on the internet.

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kratos1232840d ago

do you guys think this was the 3rd person shoother they where devolping?

electricshadow2840d ago

It's hard to say. Since he was a developer, he could have just used a third person angle to test the effects.

2840d ago
Dellis2840d ago

^uh no, that is STILL BEING DONE and its coming SPRING 2011
made by the makers of DEAD SPACE.

Twilightx72840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That's weird, I could've sworn the makers of Dead Space were making Dead Space 2, also coming out in Spring 2011.

Also, as a side note - the makers of Dead Space are owned by EA, and EA != Activision.

Theonik2840d ago

The guy that did Dead Space left Visceral to join Activision last year.

geth1gh2840d ago

one guy shouldn't make too much of a difference on the sequel, since a game is usually developed by 100+ people.

Theonik2839d ago

Well to put it into perspective the person that left was just as important to Visceral as Kojima is to Kojima productions.

amogrr2839d ago

I can't see it. Its....gone?