Ape Escape PS3 hints and promotional image released

Ape Club has released a promotional teaser for the Ape Escape PS3 game today after releasing a working logo for the game earlier in the day.

This is the second of three hints released about the PS3 game today.
Hint #1 - Has something that no other Ape Escape games have...
Hint #2 - Promotional Image
Hint #3 - It's a keeper

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Kurisu2958d ago


But in all seriousness...

You could have Human VS Apes...or something like that.

sinncross2958d ago

I'm a tad disappointed by that promotional picture: I hope that is not the graphical quality of the game.

I'm personally hoping for a high quality cel-shaded release (considering it looks like anime the older games) like Naruto Ultimate Storm.

That said, I hope this plays like classic AE.

El Botto2958d ago

What have you been smoking.

Lou-Cipher2958d ago

I agree, but that is no reason to have mediocre graphics.

Why make Ape Escape look like a PS2 game when PS3 technology exist?

Meryl2958d ago

art != in game graphics

raztad2958d ago

I'm expecting APE 3 to be a lightweight PSN title with emphasis in splitscreen party action, so no that good visuals would make sense.

SKCShifty2958d ago

Ape Escape is gonna be mindblowing can't wait.

thousandshade2958d ago

If you look at the top of the platform, there's a monkey wearing 3D glasses.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

And why there is a monkey dressed in blue?

In the bottom side

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__2958d ago

...there are Millions of'em!!! ;-D

I must check my PS1 game save + PS2 game saves to see if they have 'Escaped' again!!! ;-D

I LOVED Ape Escape games;)

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The story is too old to be commented.