Fable 3 confirmed for PC?

MCV: Microsoft’s Fable 3 will be released for PC as well as Xbox 360 when it goes on sale this December, the official boxart for the game seems to indicate.

The publisher released official pack shots for the game today which carry the ‘Only on Xbox 360 & Windows’ badge.


Since the publication of this story, Microsoft has removed all trace of the boxart. Is this the first confirmed E3 spoiler?

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Gigalol2992d ago

Cross Platform witch pc gamers confirmed.

sid4gamerfreak2991d ago

meh, itll be cool if it came to the pc but i dunno...

im playing a lot of games right now...

crysis keeps looking better and better even though its my 5th playthrough

N4GAddict2991d ago

My PC is more powerful than the 360. This is great news.

slyrunner2992d ago

This is amazing for PC owners

Blaze9292991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

"Microsoft’s Fable 3 will be released for PC"

What is with this issue where Windows keeps being the meaning of 'PC'. Do people not understand what PC means? Personal Computer. Macs are PC. Linux based computers can be PCs. And obviously, this game is not coming to Macs.

It clearly says Xbox 360 and 'WINDOWS' for a reason. So no, it's not amazing for PC owners. It's amazing for Windows owners.


So anyway, I wonder why Microsoft would allow this but not allow Alan Wake to hit Windows.

Sitris2992d ago

Finally, really wanted the second on PC but i guess 3 will do :)

N4GAddict2991d ago

Doesn't make sense for Microsoft to skip out on the second one.

Charmers2992d ago

Not really that interested in this title to be honest. I can't see there being much interest in Fable on the PC after MS and Molyneux have neglected the format for so long. Just because they are hopping back on board the PC platform now doesn't mean I am going to support them.

Still for those that want this game on the PC I imagine they will be happy about it. I am just curious whether this is the start of a shift by MS back to supporting the PC gaming wise.

Inside_out2991d ago

Fable 3 is Natal friendly....Does this mean that the PC community is getting their own Natal device and games???...RTS with Natal...The Sims with Natal....M$...they only know how to make money...they need to tie all this stuff to Windows 7 and it will be high fives all round M$ offices....

labwarrior2991d ago

So, i can have the bestg controls and best visuals and my favourite game on my PC, amazing

Letros2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Its a real good idea to enhance the general use of a PC, people buy Mac's for "the experience", but a Natal based Windows PC may be a real "experience" to be had.

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