Next COD Future Warfare? Activision buys 'Future Warfare' Domains.

PS3Hype writes: 'Through the website we learn that superannuation Activision many new domain names for the Call of Duty series has registered. Slegdehammer Studios's third studio that occupies the series. So developers can display might vary. Activision is planning to see where to get started with the warfare of the future, and as seen for a long time.'

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N4GAddict2987d ago

That's the next logical step I guess.

Pandamobile2987d ago

Again following in the footsteps of Battlefield I see.

N4GAddict2987d ago

EA and Activision continuing to fight it out for FPS supremacy.

KitsuneNL2987d ago

Don't know or this is a good thing

N4GAddict2987d ago

It should give the developer a bunch of fresh ideas.