CVG: Dead Space 2 gameplay preview

Right now, the inability to spark up is surely the least of Isaac's worries. He's fending off three of The Pack - sharp-toothed, ashen-skinned demonic toddlers, thirsty to burst through his all-new shiny space suit.

Yet a strikingly everyday No Smoking sign hangs very visibly behind the carnage. Somehow, we doubt he's got time to stop for a ciggy break.

Incongruous it may be, but the foreboding red ring is symptomatic of the real-world flecks that crop up all over Dead Space 2's murky universe - from muscle man-branded reinforced glass to non-descript, garishly colourful ads for 'Peng' (propped up by the toothy come hither smirk of a Far Eastern beauty).

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