Portal looks, performs worse on Macs

Valve has gotten a lot of press for porting its Steam client and games, starting with Portal, to Mac OS X. However, users of Apple computers might be getting the short end of the stick as far as performance and image quality go.

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Mr_Bun2842d ago

Guess that's why Valve's offering it for free right now

toaster2842d ago

They might just be testing performance on Mac with a freebie. But knowing Valve they'll soon have a patch to smooth things over a little bit.

Mr_Bun2842d ago

I tried to d/l it last night, but it kept timing out.

rexus123452842d ago

I'm really surprised it will even run on Mac. It's no small feat porting a directx game to openGL

Tempist2842d ago

I can't exactly agree with the DirectX to OpenGL complaint. If memory serves me correctly, Quake and Half-Life were made into OpenGL and looked way better than DirectX.

And it just seems like Valve rushed this and Mac programming has been a last thought rather than anything else.

It's Valve, and as much as I think they're lazy for making very few games between HL2:EP2 and Team Fortress 2, they can do much better than this.

Mo0eY2842d ago

OpenGL is the better of the two. DirectX is just easier to program thus there's more support behind it thus the better looking it is. OpenGL can do astonishing things.

DirectX is also used on the Xbox 360 and well, just look at most of their games. :]

kwyjibo2842d ago

The problem with openGL, is that openGL has barely been touched since Half-Life 1 was released. Whereas DirectX has continually evolved into the standard.

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dragunrising2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Portal is available to everyone for free right now. Not just Macs. If you don't believe me, boot up Steam right now. Its free until the 24th of this month.

zireno2842d ago

I guess that by reading your comment I can positively say that you don't have a mac, or at least tried the game on a mac. I downloaded portal yesterday and played for about an hour and it ran pretty smoothly on my 13' macbook pro and yes, I have a pc too and I can see no difference, this might be an issue for older macs or the ones that have less than 2 GB ram, but so far so good.

Arnon2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

A better question would be why would I own a Mac?

I built a gaming PC equipped with Windows 7, which runs Portal, and basically any other game I own on Max settings with absolutely no hiccups, unless it's due to the actual hardware of my computer.

zireno2842d ago

I'm not saying you should own a mac. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to computers and gaming, all I'm saying is that you should try the game on a mac, see it's performance first hand, and then lol has hard as you'd like if you see a dramatic difference between platforms instead of just assuming that it doesn't perform well.

Theonik2842d ago

And needing 2Gb+ and a curent rig for portal is an achievement since when? lol
I can run it on my 2006 PC just fine maxed out. xD

tdrules2842d ago

I know a difference between platforms.
about 500 dollars

zireno2842d ago

And what does price have to do with the performance of the game? also it depends on the pc you are comparing it with, there are many pcs with a price tag equal or grater that a mac.

Theonik2842d ago

It does have to do with the performance of the game because when i spend more money on something i expect more with my cash in terms of performance. Macs have laughable $ to Fps ratios.

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Akagi2842d ago

Silly mac, games is for PC.

Godmars2902842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

This is a Mac failure. Not an example of Valve's inabilities to work on anything other than a Windows platform.

But I'm not pointing the finger at Mac. I'm pointing it where it deserves to be pointed, even if they were offering it for free.

Nitrowolf22842d ago

is saying is true, but MAC can run windows, does that change anything?

ijkabob2842d ago

I recall the same issues with the orange box. (I know it was ported by EA)

AliTheBrit192842d ago

haha, It's weird that I got that reference, considering I'm British.

sorceror1712842d ago

...but this video about Mac gaming is really funny.

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Abriael2842d ago

Not one bit surprised. There's zero reason for gamers to use a mac nowadays. Doubt there'll ever be one.

Godmars2902842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

The point is that there are Mac users who like to play games, and valve was unable to prove that they were able to reply to that want on their first attempt. With a code and program they are very familiar with.

Letros2842d ago

Blame Apple and their lack of driver support, specifically for OpenGL.

Apple really doesn't care for hard core gaming anyway, they'd be forced to actually put some good hardware in their products to make top end games playable (My sisters $2000 iMac came with a Radeon 4650...).

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