High-quality Pokemon Black/White art, a few screenshots

High-quality art for the Pokemon Black/White starters, trainers, and city. A few screenshots have been officially released as well.

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Valay2689d ago

Well, at least we definitely know that the trainers will be a bit different this time around. But I'm wondering about other changes this title will have compared to the other games.

Valay2689d ago

Whoops. Just realized one of the images was messed up for some reason. Fixed now.

-Mezzo-2689d ago

Cool, looking forward to it.

mjolliffe2689d ago

Looking forward to it :D

gumgum992689d ago

Amazing 3D. I like how there is draw distance in some of the towns when people are on the street http://www.nintendoeverythi... ^_^

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