Red Dead Redemption: No PC-Version

A new video from Rockstar Games proofes: there will be no PC-version of Red Dead Redemption. The video disappeared after serveral minutes but a Youtube-user manages to capture it.

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mantisimo2838d ago

Is this a real chance for all of the xboxers and ps3ers to join together for once and troll the pc section saying "nyah nyah pants on fire no red dead for the mouses wire"? and who said console gameing was dying!

Comeon consolers, let us for a minute let peace reign for a while. Let us become the cowboys off of brokeback mountain and share the same small tent while not letting the Pc gamer in. No licking each others butts though. ;)

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poindat2838d ago

Wonder where that LOLconsoles fool is at right now... Just sayin.'

But anyways, it really is a shame that the PC fellows will not be able to play this their way. Sure, I'm sick of the elitists, but the same can be said of console fanboys. There really is no need to demonize the majority of PC gamers.

Anyways, this game plus mod support and the extra graphics effects that modern GPUs are capable of would have been absolutely killer. At the shame time, while it is definitely a shame, I guess if Rockstar San Diego doesn't feel like they are capable of properly coding the PC version or don't have the money and time to make it perfect, then they are better off just doing what they can do perfectly: the console versions.

Trey_4_life2837d ago

This was me after watching the newest red dead trailer.......

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sid4gamerfreak2838d ago

i dont care...we pc gamers have a lot to play right now...

rockstar make some good ports for the pc, and maybe, just maybe we'll forgive you:)

mantisimo2838d ago

Are the disagrees because you'd like to lick Butts?

Akagi2838d ago

Valid point, except PS3 can utilise the mouse/keyboard. And screw your tent! I'm going to a ranch and killing everyone inside and claiming it for myself.

Winter47th2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Good, now the PC supremacists could shut up for a while.

George Sears2838d ago


Every heard of something called emulation? Pretty sure when you say classics you refer to the PS1/PS2. The PC can emulate that.

karlowma2838d ago

Lol, I can play PS2 games on my PC but not my PS3 :(

dreamtheater872838d ago

All PC gamers I know have either a Xbox360, PS3 or both. However there are a lot f console gamers who don't have or have never even owned a gaming PC. So who's loosing out on the most exclusives?

Double Toasted2838d ago

If you're a loser then go right ahead. I honestly didn't think there were that many pc gamers on here for console owners to team up on. Whatever floats your boat though.

On topic: This is...kinda' sucky, lol. Nah, really that sucks for pc gamers because RDR looks awesome.


Looks like PS3 version is the right choice to buy this game.

I really was waiting the PC version.

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ThanatosDMC2838d ago

I hope there's a PC version for mods later on. I'm getting the PS3 version and im hoping it will look as great as those screen shots but then again they're so tiny just like how LP2 looks like on screen shots compared to actual gameplay full of jaggies.

It better be at least 720p this time around without all that blurriness and pop ups that GTA4 had.

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Vip3r2838d ago

GTA4 all over again.

PC version will most likely be released at Christmas.

Ocelot5252838d ago

but a stable and glitch free version will never be released

BYE2838d ago

Red Dead Revolver wasn't on PC so I don't think this will be.

ThanatosDMC2838d ago

It might since Red Dead Revolver isnt as big as Redemption. Also, it's being advertised like a full GTA game.

dirthurts2838d ago

These guys suck at pc games anyway. Worst coding ever on GTA4.

Ocelot5252838d ago

they don't suck at coding on the PC, the PC is just not interesting for rockstar like the PS3 is(or now was) for valve

low budget and tight deadlines for ports = scuky ports like GTA4-PC and Orange box-PS3

dirthurts2838d ago

How is high end gaming not interesting? Direct X 11? The latest video technologies?
I know I would totally prefer to have to work within 512mb ram for audio, video and gameplay. There is no way I would want to see what could be done with a 1gb video card, and 4gb or more of ram. No way. Too much freedom. I'm sure that DX9 is totally fresh and new too.
Seriously though. I can see budget being a factor, but mostly it's laziness. There is a lot more work to make a pc game run well across the board, than a simple console game where all your hardware is predetermined.

OpenGL2838d ago

They don't just suck at the PC, they suck at every platform. Sure GTA IV LOOKED great on the PS3 and 360, but they both suffered from a terrible frame rate. Every game play video I've seen of Red Dead Redemption looks as though it has the same problem, although I hope that is not the case.

dirthurts2838d ago

Looking over the videos this does seem to be true.
Let's hope they pull off at least a stead 30fps.

led10902838d ago

the weird thing is that might actually mean that they are 'shooting'(in the context of the whole cowboy shoot-em up thingy that the game stands for) for a pc release sometime in the future

Rowsdower2838d ago

perhaps the date that their shooting for (in terms of a PC release) is currently a moving target.

ultramoot2838d ago

I didn't even know the game existed 5 minutes ago, so I really don't care. It's better they not embarrass themselves by giving us another s**ty port like GTA4.

poindat2838d ago

"I didn't even know the game existed 5 minutes ago"

Please give me your gaming card and exit the building. Seriously bro, where have you been? This is bound to be one of the biggest games of the year (or even the decade) and you've never heard of it? That's pretty surprising to me, but I don't know, I guess it's possible. Somehow.

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