2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Review (IMHW)

Via IMHW: "Before I start I know a lot of you will be thinking that 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa will be EA’s four yearly cash in on the worlds greatest tournament and will offer a game with gimmicks rather than a game with new and substantial footie content. Well it may surprise you but I am about to tell you otherwise."

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Baka-akaB2956d ago


THe author tried hard in the first chapter , but fails to indeed show us why it isnt a complete rip off and waste of time .

Gameplay hasnt changed , onine not really asides from modes , and even he admits that all of the minor stuff will be there in fifa 111 in september .

There is only one reason to drop so easily your hard earned cash :
you are a die hard fifa fan , and can't live without the world cup modes they sneakily removed in fifa 10 .

Otherwise just get pes , or in fifa f keep creating unofficial tournament with the same national teams and players .

That's a way too costly bunch of painted supporters and crowd and theme songs and menus .

rakunado2956d ago

^^ Like you said, but... I fall into the diehard groups of football fans, so I just gotta purchase this one, especially when world cup is so close and I am too lazy to update the rosters.

On the whole I like the presentation of this game, it really makes you feel like you are in the worldcup. But anyway, yeh it is just fifa2010, so if you are hard on cash, don't bother buying it. If you are a fan like me, who buys magazines, and keeps track of who is injured and what not, and wants to feel like they are in a world cup(meaning you want to play dressup with fanfare included)by all means GET IT!

Baka-akaB2956d ago

i'm an hardcore football fan too , but even that cant justify it imo . Big difference is , i dont like fifa game much to begin with (despie they poor quality of late , pes still remains better , especially in gameplay imo).

One of the biggest reason being precisely EA being a total control freak , and not letting people mod it , precisely so they could force sell junk .

But then again , if fans of fifa are happy , so be it

heroicjanitor2956d ago

I'm a fifa fan and I'm not happy, it is fifa 10 with about 2 weeks of work put into changing colours and removing club teams. If it was 10 euros dlc I'd consider it but a full priced game is taking the p*ss

BYE2956d ago

Thanks, I'll wait for Pure Football.

I'm sick of PES and Fifa every year, it needs to stop.

The Great Melon2956d ago

The trophy in the picture looks like a Kakuna from pokemon.