IMHW Review: Alan Wake - Wake Me Up When It's Light

Sat here late at night with the trees outside silloutted in the moonlight and sat at my writers desk it seems a perfect time to reflect on Alan Wake. A game I undoubtably have mixed feelings about. A game I only played after dark and a game that I never played alone.

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Denethor_II2836d ago

Still deciding whether to by this game today or not.

Ghoul2836d ago

buy it seriously you wont be disapointed

gravv2836d ago

just rent it my friend

Montrealien2836d ago

I played through the beginning. It is a great game not to be missed, no matter how you get it.

GameOn2836d ago

Just make sure you play it.

Denethor_II2835d ago

My mum bought it for me, bless her, and I'm 23:)

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DoctorXpro2836d ago

I finish on hard, now I'm gonna start on Nightmare,in my opinion, I think the best of the game is the [story 9/10] and [sound 10/10].

AliTheBrit192836d ago

Renting first. Should have the game in my hands tomorrow.

I HARLEM I2836d ago

these reviews im scared looking under my bed immersion a ten total review 8.3 i mean if your immersed in a game it did the dam job!!!!!!!!! this game is not a fps it a thriller a saga expect 2 sequels probably concludeiing on 720 being were in the final days this generation 3 years tops unless its a yearly thing which i highly doubt........ if u like a story driven game Heavy rain with a bit more action you are guaranteed to like this game if you dont then get red dead..............

Nolando2836d ago

how does this game get a 8 in graphics??? people are so damn stubborn with games, its one of the best looking to come out recently and even in his review summary he highlighted how good the graphics are (reading the whole review he never commented on graphics except how immerse he felt in the game WTF)... but he gives them an 8?

this is ridiculous and some people feel that they need to tromp on a game just to feel like they are good journalist or something...

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