IMHW Review: Splinter Cell Conviction, A New Breed of Stealth

If I had my way, you wouldn't be reading this review off your computer screen. It would be projected onto your walls in striking bold font by an ethereal spotlight. Splinter Cell Conviction is masterfully presented; as slick and vicious as a Bourne movie or a Daniel Craig Bond film, with all the gritty bite and blockbuster direction of cinemas best new-breed spy thrillers.

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I HARLEM I2987d ago

Splinter cell is a 9/90 straight up. Campaign is short & sweet 7 & a half on hard gameplay is hot story is good best stealth action game period so be it more action then stealth....

Corepred42986d ago

no its an 8. Maybe so far as a high 7. For all the time the developers had to make this game and still come out with a short campaign is bs. and the stealth in this game is retarded. i don't know how people keep saying its the best stealth game to date, lmao. quite being dumb, no its not stealth, its mostly action.

Timesplitter142986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I bought Splinter Cell Conviction and I thought it was pretty bad.

It lasts 5 hours, the story is so bad it hurts, and the "stealth" feels more like "take cover behind a wall and headshot everybody in the room with your silenced pistol". When you're not doing that, you're probably hanging on a conveniently placed pipe that makes it impossible for ennemies to see you. Also, the interrogation parts, which were supposed to be a cool new feature, were completely boring. Maybe it would help if the story wasn't one of the worst in video game history.

You know how people say Metal Gear has no gameplay, etc...? Well I can tell you that MGS4 had 3 times the gameplay SC:C had, and much, MUCH better stealth.

Inside_out2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You can't finnish this game in 5 never even played it...8+ hrs easy on realistic...if you played this game you would know...dumb A$$ story was one of the best ever...again, you would know that if you played it....

MGS4 is nowhere near this level of greatness...the graphics were some of the best...with the worst last gen gameplay...and the worst voice overs ever, like a bad 1970's kung-fu movie...Most cut-scenes all PS3 games save for comparison...

Obama2986d ago

I have heard MANY saying that it can be finished in 5 hours. Secondly Mgs 4 is a masterpiece that holds a 94 on metacritic. Don't compare a 80s average game to that masterpiece please.

Ironfungus2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

...did they just actually call it a "New Breed of Stealth"? Really? The game requires absolutely NO stealth. It is the worst sequel to a video game (in history) since Modern Warfare 2. You can literally take any automatic gun and just spray your way through every level, using no stealth at all.

It's like taking what made Splinter Cell great and successful, then taking away ALL of what made it great and successful. Bottom line, if you like Splinter Cell, then Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory are still around, and for cheap. Conviction is just a pathetic excuse for a "stealth" game. One of the easiest, dumbed down piles of crap I've ever had the discourtesy of playing.

But I guess with today's "gamers", they wouldn't really know the difference (you know who you are). But word to the wise, AKA: real gamers, save the cash for something worthy.

Inside_out2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Worst sequel since MW2 Huh...MW2 is one of the most successful games about clueless...I would love to see an idiot like you spray bullets on realistic...LMFAO...IMPOSSIBLE just gave your considerably stupidity away...No way you played this game...There are HOURS of stealth modes to play..If you had the game you would know that....LOL...BTW, DumbO...REAL gamers PLAY the games before opening there mouths and criticizing it...A liar like you wouldn't know that...

A fantastic game with great co-op campaign and/plus multi-player modes...single player will run you 8+ hrs on realistic PLUS all the added modes which some can be played solo if you choose so....easily one of the best games this year and this gen...Play the games, KNOW the truth...