TIMJ Review: Dragon Age Awakening

This is a review of the oft-overlooked full expansion to Dragon Age Origins, entitled Awakening which is available as a download or purchase at all retail stores. This Is My Joystick investigates and sees if it is a worthy addition to Bioware's newest gaming series.

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RayWillmott2960d ago

Hit me up with your comments. Am interested to know what you guys think. :). Thanks

Letros2960d ago

Very well written with great flow and ease, and I actually like your sites review protocol. In the bigger picture number scores are quite useless, I usually read a few reviews to find out "the bad" things in a game(if I think I can endure what's bad, then I'll buy), because if I'm reading a review of a game I'm interested in, I already know most of the good!

I will use your site for future reviews, thanks!

zerocool33972960d ago

Its nice to see some positive feedback on our review structure. We pride ourselves in letting people make their own decisions based on the text without skipping to the score at the end.

Letros2959d ago

One thing I'd like to add, while I know its probably easier to do one review for a multiplatform game. If you ever get into a PC exclusive title, PC gamers are very interested to know what the system setup was, how was the overall performance, framerates, etc.

You should review Napoleon Total War =)

toaster2960d ago

I like your review :) Actually this is the first DA:O review I have ever read.

Got your site on RSS now. Keep it up.

RayWillmott2960d ago

Glad you enjoyed guys, thanks for the feedback. :)