Ape Escape PS3 Gets A Logo, Is Apparently The "Best Move Title" To Date

PushSquare: "The Ape Club's just dropped this working logo for Ape Escape PS3, claiming that Sony reps have described the upcoming title as the best Playstation Move game to date. The Ape Club has also hinted that Ape Escape PS3 will have "something no other Ape Escape games have". Narrows it down then."

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Lucreto2655d ago

I loved the original Ape Escape. I never plaed the second one and it looks like I may need to get the Move controller for this as well.

get2sammyb2655d ago

I think what's interesting is that the original Ape Escape was used as a title to justify the first DualShock control scheme way back on the PSone. And I'm getting a similar vibe with Ape Escape PS3 -- that it's being developed to justify that new control scheme. Could be the killer-app needed to rocket propel Playstation Move.

AKS2655d ago

Fortunately, nabbing those cheeky monkeys was well worth the price of admission even if it was a vehicle to sell the new DualShock controller.

It seems like it would be very satisfying to swing the Move to net a monkey.

Ult iMate2655d ago

(@AKS, sorry, I accidentally pressed the disagree. My mouse slipped. I didn't mean that. No offence.)

Bathyj2655d ago

I dont like your use of the word justify, like they're doing something underhanded. They've made a new peripheral, they're gonna support it. How about Ape Escape is made to take advantage of move, not justify it.

AKS2655d ago

No problem, Ult. Most people who genuinely disagree with me on this site don't admit to it or try to refute my points. Accidents happen.

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Letros2655d ago

Great title for Move, loved the first AE.

Jikla2655d ago

Can't wait to use my stun club and time net with the move controller :D

Shadow Flare2655d ago

Whoever came up with the name "Ape Escape" is a genius lol. Probably one of the best video game names ever

Michael-Jackson2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

That logo is lame, well it's a mock up...

Ape Escape 1, 2 and 3 are awesome games. I don't know if I should invest in PS-move to get this - only time will tell.

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The story is too old to be commented.