Split/Second features Bayonetta reference

From the cheeky Modern Warfare 2 references in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to SEGA's history being immortalised within Bayonetta, we love it when video games reference one another - and Split/Second: Velocity is the latest to add to the list.

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CernaML2868d ago

Uhh... Am I missing something? A bayonet is an actual object...

chak_2868d ago

bayonetta, the game, you know, beat the crap out of'em all and such.

Tho a bayonetta reference in an arcade car game... weird

darkmurder2868d ago

How the hell is this an easter egg? A bayonet is a weapon, god what is it with today's wanna be journalists....

HenryFord2868d ago

@darkmurder: What is it with you? Inform yourself, Bayonetta is a game developed by SEGA. The weapon "Bayonetta" does not exist. Maybe you mean the bayonet?

hay2868d ago

OMG, Bayonet is a blade used as a rifle attachment for stabbing purposes in close quarters.
This isn't Bayonetta reference.

Come on, it's common knowledge.

thegush2868d ago

You're right, a bayonet is an actual dobject. But a 'Bayonet R' is a reference to the game Bayonetta.

xino2867d ago

this guy must be is Bayonet R a reference to Bayonetta!???

The trash article mentions Bad Company reference to Modern Warfare 2. That makes sense since they are both FPS, War theme games and a clash between one another.

But Bayonetta and Split Second are different games, one is an Hack n Slash, the other is a Racing game! There's no clash between one another. Bayonetta had a clash with Darksiders and Split Second is currently having a clash with Blur.

Bayonetta is a character, Bayonet is a weapon device, Split Second Bayonet R is a car. incohesive!

To top it all, if you look at the Bayonet R car, the colour doesn't even reference to Bayonetta herself.

thegush2867d ago

If you say it out loud does that help?

Games don't have to be of the same genre for references to work. There's a pac-man reference in Bioshock.

Megaton2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Hey, where'd all the straws go? ...oh, I see.

bay·o·net [bey-uh-nit] – noun
1. a daggerlike steel weapon that is attached to or at the muzzle of a gun and used for stabbing or slashing in hand-to-hand combat.

alphakennybody2868d ago

I don't see it as a reference. theres a car in ridge racer aslo called bayonet could it be also a reference about bayonetta/s?

astar1234567892868d ago

not even worth the read lame

CranberryPub2867d ago

Bayonetta. Bayonet R.

Say it out loud.