Crytek: Nanosuit “Came Late” To Crysis

Crytek has revealed that the Crysis IP was not originally designed around the nanosuit.

Speaking at EA's Spring Showcase this week, Crytek's Nathan Camarillo explained that the idea of the suit, and the combat advantages it provides, “came late in the development of Crysis 1.”

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Djorgo2871d ago

Funny how it has become such a big part of the game.

I think I heard similar things about the original StarCraft story line. It never circulated so much about Kerrigan, it was a late development idea.

Dorjan2871d ago

I bet the lightsabre wasn't meant to be the focal point of StarWars either! :P

Fyzzu2871d ago

Really? That seems... kind of a fundamental part of the game. To the extent that it was the main selling point, at least. Surprising. I wonder if they previously just had the powers on, but less developed - no stealth, but you had speed, strength, and armour perpetually on?

Setting armour to a different mode was very, very clever though. It made you horrifyingly vulnerable when not using it, but using the other suit abilities required you to switch away from it.

AndyA2871d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the original protagonist in Crysis was an extension of the guy in Far Cry.

edgeofblade2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

This is very telling to me... that the major gameplay mechanic that makes this game fun came so late.

I get the feeling Crysis almost flopped and they stumbled into a good idea. Otherwise, it would have just been a graphics-whore game.

Maticus2871d ago

That's quite a surprising development - I suppose it shows how things just fall together when games are being thought-up.

mdefalco252871d ago

Did anybody check out the trailer on PSN? I was pretty disapointed in the quality from a CGI trailer. I hope they still have a ton to polish yet but figured for a game that is talked like it is going to blow away KZ2 and sorts is hard to believe by the poor quality that I saw. Just curious what others thought.

AndyA2871d ago

It's not really the visuals I'm concerned about. I just hope they've managed to maintain the sense of freedom from Crysis.

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