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hay2715d ago

Awesome trailer. Can't wait for my preorder to arrive.

Mc Fadge2715d ago

I thought it was pretty terrible :/

hay2715d ago

It's your opinion with which I do not agree. It's short, funny, creative, informative and doesn't treat itself seriously.

One of the best trailers I've seen. Not every good trailer have to be epic or dramatic with "Requiem for a Dream"-esque music.

Mc Fadge2715d ago

It just certainly didn't need cheesy rap either. I can imagine one of the game soundtracks, just showing off some parts from the game, player customisation, some of the crazy swords etc. Instead we got rap and the crazy minigames, nothing all that related to the beef of the game itself.

zatrox2715d ago

It's like the old Zelda trailer.
Look at branchedout comment.

achira2715d ago

wow, nice game, i will buy it. does anyone know if there are many puzzles ?

2715d ago
Mc Fadge2715d ago

...That definitely is not the way I would have marketed the game

Dnied2715d ago

wasn't expecting that

AKS2715d ago

I definitely prefer Atlus' trailers.

BTW, this game is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.