Sales results for Alien vs. Predator, Bayonetta, Yakuza 4 and other Sega games

Sales results for Alien vs. Predator, Bayonetta, Yakuza 4 and other games published by Sega during their last fiscal year.

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hakis862869d ago

That there will be an AVP2?

I really like AVP, play it quite a bit (PC), and if they can make the next game even better I'm really looking forward to it :-)))

mjolliffe2869d ago

Sega said that there might be a sequel...

On the other hand, I was expecting Bayonetta to sell more, what with all the brilliant reviews.

booni32869d ago

did reasonably well considering all the things the game had going against it, the sexy female protagonist being the most obvious. Its concept and scenario are unlike anything before it, and for a fledgling new Ip, a million plus copies is good. Not, to mention how many people will be grabbing the game after a price drop, mostly the same unenthusiastic group of people who didnt grab it despite the praise and feedback just because the lead is a woman. Bayonettas shining reception is testament that it is a brilliant game, and deserves even more success than it has already attained.

Hakimy2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

good sales for SEGA games.I just didn't like that AvP sold that much cus it means that in the gen, a bad game can sell as long as it's a FPS game.

Edit: Turok sold more than 1.2 m copies while Haze sold near a million (actually more than 800,000 copies).Maybe AvP sold more than those due to its fanbase.Still a bad game but if you are happy with your purchase then that's good for you ;)

Staude2869d ago

AWP was pretty good. Especially the multiplayer. Now i've only played the pc version so I can't comment on the console versions, but the multiplayer was pretty fun. While the story was very mediocre, the singleplayer was decent overall. With the Predator and Alien campaigns offering the most interesting perspectives. The multiplayer is also pretty good overall, even though it does have a few problems when not using dedicated servers. I was surprised as i'd heard bad things about it before actually trying it myself.

And if you really have such hate for FPS games, look at Haze and Turok. FPS does not = good sales. :p

hakis862869d ago

Multiplayer is very fun.
@Hakimy: I cannot agree that this is a FPS, as only 1 3rd of the game is a FPS. The Predator has some "guns" but use totally different weapons and tactics, and the Aliens are completely different.
So don't play the "sells just because it's a FPS"-card on this game..
I like that it's different, I AM GETTING SO TIRED og COD, BFBC2, HALO, etc.. I have them all..

ceedubya92869d ago

Mario vs Sonic was a no-brainer.

Happy to see Bayonetta got some good sales across all platforms.

There may still be hope for Yakuza 4 to do well once you throw in US numbers as well. I didn't get a chance to pick the game up myself due to other games of interest during that time, but I here its a quality series that doesn't get much love outside of Japan. I'm really interested in the PSP version.

Hakimy2869d ago

I think that you got mixed up between Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 3.In any case I wish that Yakuza 4 will get a release date in the west but somehow I doubt that due to low sales for Yakuza 3 in the west (according to vgchartz,Yakuza 3 only sold 160k copies in the Us and Europe combined!)

ceedubya92869d ago

You are right. I was actually thinking about Yakuza 3. Either way, hopefully this franchise keeps kicking.

ThanatosDMC2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Yakuza 4 is set to be release in NA around 2011 which sucks cuz we have to wait quite a while before we find out more about Kiryu Kazuma. (Kazuma is his first name)

The translation sucks so much that it was confusing since i understand a bit of Japanese. They really need to punch their translators in the mouth.

tplarkin72869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

For 2 platforms in 3 territories, you would think that Bayonetta would have sold more.

I wanted to buy Bayonetta, but I hate fixed cameras. That's why I never liked DMC. I'll bet it would have sold double if the camara was behind the shoulder instead of fixed.

ceedubya92869d ago

There are plenty of games that don't even reach 1 million sold. And, outside of hardcore hack and slash fans, the buyer base for a game like this probably wasn't too large anyway. I'd say its a good start for a new franchise for a company that has been struggling to put out quality franchises for a while.

OmarJA-N4G2869d ago

Maybe they'll consider a new Shenmue exclusive on the PS3.

jay22869d ago

I don't care what it comes out on, I'll be buying it.

MaideninBlack2869d ago

No sales numbers for Renosance of Fate or Yakuza 3?

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