Modnation Racers patch 1.01

Patch 1.01 is live for Modnation Racers. No further details yet. Servers still down.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

''No further details yet''

Indeed, the loading times is fixed. Probably will be this patch to fix that or the next one.

From IGN:

''IGN: What's the experience been like reading reviews for the game, now that they're starting to come out. Has anything surprised you?

Dan Sochan: For the most part we've been really happy. We've seen review scores that have been quite high, lots of 9's, which is great. We've seen some comments about the load times, which is something we're aware of. It's something we're working on. It wasn't an oversight on our part at all. The way that our technology was built we were able to keep file sizes really, really small for transfer times of less than a second or a second and a half. We didn't want it to be so that you and I go online and you want to try a track I've built that's 50MB and then have you have wait five minutes to download it. That immediately became an obstacle in sharing so we created a file system where everything is built dynamically and on the fly. Everything is essentially a series of coordinates to things that are saved. The challenge with that is we're building an entire world, an entire character, an entire kart, and 12 characters online, all on the fly. There's a lot of compositing that happens with the stickers and all the different parts. Because of that, there are longer load times, but that's something we're working on for one of our first patches, to improve that and get that down significantly.''

camehlheon2806d ago

I tried a race and timed it, it was the same old loading time. The "career" mode seemt quick to load tho, didn't pay much attention to it before so it might just be nothing.

I didn't mention it but the patch is about 39Mb

viperfx2806d ago

Do you have the game already?

mightydog12806d ago

The game not out yet 21st for eu and 25th for america....So how come you've got it? explain

hoppermania2806d ago

ofc the servers are down. They will go online on the 21st

viperfx2806d ago

@camehlheon Isnt the game out on the 21st i dont understand how you have the game already?

captain-obvious2806d ago

i can go out and get the game right now no problem
heck i got GOW3 a week before release date
same with MAG and some other games

but im short on cash so i'll but it when i get some cash

xTruthx2806d ago

Ill be able to play again with you captain!, my college went on strike and I'm free LOL!

camehlheon2806d ago

I got a promotional version that editors give to medias/websites/press (which I'm part of) for reviews. So yes I have the game already (and since last week or so)

jay22806d ago

I hope, no, BEG that they fix loading times.

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The story is too old to be commented.