El33tonline Review: Super Street Fighter IV

El33tonline writes:

"When Capcom announced a new version of Street Fighter IV seven months after the game came out I had visions of the confusion created in me by the multitude of Street Fighter II games that seem to exist without any discernable differences (to my highly untrained eye, of course). That is to say, I imagined a game the same as Street Fighter IV with two new characters and some slight variations to colour palettes. But I was wrong, shamefully wrong. As more information came out it was clear that this wasn’t a minor upgrade but a full game in its own right. And then Capcom said it would be sold at a cheaper price (R500 in South Africa), so whether you own the original or not, this is the fighter to get. Only, if you do, please invest in a fight pad or stick (and more than one if you want to play with friends) – the Xbox 360 controller simply cannot do the game justice."

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