No Trilogy for White Knight Chronicles

Kusuda Yoshiaki confirmed today via Twitter that the White Knight Chronicles series on the PlayStation 3 will end on the second game.

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ShadyDevil2806d ago

It was said to be a trilogy so it should. Kinda dumb to back out now

N4GAddict2806d ago

Trilogy instead for Dark Cloud series?

MightyMark4272806d ago

the first one is average. I hope the second game will be a lot better.

MightyMark4272806d ago

maybe poor sales affected it?

N4GAddict2806d ago

That may be true. I don't think the first one sold well outside of Japan.

DevilVergilX2806d ago

WKC was really generic in story and gameplay was ok... I rather have them make Rogue Galaxy 2 or DC3 or A new JRPG thats takes us in a new era of rpgs...

ClownBelt2806d ago

I think they want to focus their attention now on making Dark Cloud 3 with coop.

qface642806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

what made you think that?
in fact what's making anyone think they are even working on dark cloud 3 im not saying they can't be im saying there is no indication whatsoever that would make people think they are working on DC3

im guessing they aren't working on a trilogy because the game hasn't been received well

ClownBelt2806d ago

Because Dark Cloud 3 is requested by everyone. Because Dark Cloud franchise is quite received by the media. I mean really, what made you ask this question? That should be the one you're asking to yourself.

qface642806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

just because something is well received and requested doesn't mean it will be made *points to megeman legends 3* there are soo many other games that were well received and requested yet no sequels were ever made

gamelova2806d ago

qface64, it has been heavily rumored by many that they are working on Dark Cloud 3. This is a blessing if it's true. I would prefer DC3 over WKC.

washingmachine2806d ago

who said games needed a trilogy anyway

Lucreto2806d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Dark Cloud 3 will be announced at E3 or more likely TGS.

I have to play the first WKC it was released too close to FF XIII.

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The story is too old to be commented.