MW2 "Resurgence" First Details

First details for the second Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2 were announced during a live studio recording with Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb courtesy of Infinity Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling.

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Dr-Zoidberg2842d ago

Hmm I swore I wouldn't play this game again but it is damn addictive despite it's flaws and is popular on my friends list so I guess I am a sucker but it is a blast to play. Having said that I am not sure I am willing to folk out for these overpriced maps until they come down in price.

irepbtown2841d ago

I agree, although i dont find it addictive, it is very popular on my friends list also FIFA 10 is.

I'm getting the first pack of my friend. i have a ps3

galgor2842d ago

I got so excited to see the return of vacant but the gates are open?! BOOO-urns :@

Alcon Caper2841d ago

Why would you remove that gate??? It was essential for strategy in CoD4. The whole point of it was to go all the way around, through the bathroom, and through the warehouse to get into the office, or else get bottle necked at the other entrance of the office. I sure hope they know what they're doing, cause that gate really forced people to take larger risks with higher returns.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I'm sure they ran into problems with people putting turrets behind the gate and just wiping out the whole room while covering each entrance...

I wish they would have given streak bonuses more thought before plugging in old maps. Now they're ruined...

DoctorXpro2842d ago

Vacant and Strike one of my favorites from cod4, but 1200M$P is 2 much....

skagrerrrr2842d ago

1200M$ps is highway robbery

j92842d ago

$30 for just maps so far

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The story is too old to be commented.