Insomniac’s AAA Next near completion, being tested globally?" The interesting bit comes from the designation he held earlier within Sony Computer Entertainment America. Dave Swift was a global test analyst from March 2008-2009 and was working in conjunction with Insomniac games as a “first party quality assurance, GTA (global test analyst) for a PS3 AAA title”.

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Faztkiller2984d ago

Resistance 3 along with that Rumored horror game would be nice

N4GAddict2984d ago

Is the horror game from their new studio?

blizzard_cool2984d ago

I would like a new IP more than anything cause everything that INSOMNIAC does is outstanding!

ThanatosDMC2984d ago

Resistance 3 + 256 = awesome!

Chimera vs Hamans... damn, im too into MAG.

sinncross2984d ago

I doubt Resistance 3 will go with 256 players. I suspect 100 max.
I suspect Resistance 3 will look about as good as Killzone 3 and I doubt they'll be able to push so many people online.

That said, all I want is:
-Campaign co-op offline
-Co-op mode (R2) both offline (4 players) and online (10 players) with 2 new class types
-Competetive both offline (1 - 4 players with bots) and online (80 - 100 players)

I'd be fine with that :)

saint_john_paul_ii2984d ago

keep it at 60 and balance the multiplayer.

ThanatosDMC2984d ago

They need to make the Chimera actually be more alien like. In the RE2 multiplayer they were basically just skins unlike the first game.

redDevil872984d ago

I didn't know resistance 3 was taking place in the middle east ;)

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hay2984d ago

I personally can't wait to see what visuals they can pull cutting fps in half in Ratchet & Clank series.
Crack in Time looked fantastic.

anh_duong2984d ago

doesn't the qa testing end in june 2009??

hay2984d ago

Good catch. It means it's about Crack in Time.

shadow27972984d ago

Thank you, at least some people can see the obvious.

The game he tested was A Crack in Time.

AKS2984d ago

I hope Insomniac takes their time with Resistance 3. I didn't care for the R2 campaign at all, especially compared to the first, which was terrific. I thought the 8-player co-op was awesome, but the campaign and its invisible walls/ instant deaths if you tried to stray from the path they wanted you to follow and spoonfeeding (shotgun sitting there in a doorway right before you enter a closed-quarters area) was well below what I'm accustomed to getting from Insomniac. It just lacked polish for an IG title.

It seemed like they tried to make a 3-year game in 1 or 2 years. I'd rather they spend more time getting R3 together and maybe release a new IP in the meantime. I loved R1, and I want to see R3 return to that level of quality. Insomniac is one of the most talented PS3 developers, but I think 1 game a year is too much when you try to do a full campaign, 8-player co-op mode, and a substantial online multiplayer component. I think Bungie spent over 3 years just to get Halo 3 together, and even then they were working down to the wire before it was released. Delaying a game an extra year did LittleBigPlanet a world of good, and that may also be a good idea for R3. I could be wrong; we'll see what they show at E3.

raztad2984d ago

You make very good points.

Spoonfeeding as you called was really lame BUT it did correspond to an awfully bad game design: Lets follow COD4 convention of keeping two guns max. Utterly nonsensical, and IG is to blame for trendy and not having faith in their own approach to the genre. While only to weapons at a time works well for a game like COD4, where there is not variety in the enemies and you are not forced to think tactically but fast, it didnt work in R2.

Bring back the weapon wheel.

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Niles2984d ago

E3 is going to be crazy....

N4GAddict2984d ago

Maybe they will also show off their game from the North Carolina studio

281219862984d ago

I think its going to be their new game...

100002984d ago

its R3...I ve been waiting for it...

dalibor2984d ago

Same here. Bring back the wheel, all the weapons from 1 & 2, bring back whiplash grenade from R1. Bring back that female character/enemies from R1. Bring back those mechs you could use. Add invasion for online play (8 players try to survive the chimera invasion). Or chimera infestastion where you and others try to survive from being turned into chimera. Resistance 3 has big potential.

foxxy2984d ago

All I know is that I'm getting it they have a real good track record with good games.

-MD-2984d ago

If it is Resistance 3 I hope it's more like the first one than the second.

Faztkiller2984d ago

I want the Narrator back it helped a lot with the story and that's where I fell the 2nd was weak

cmrbe2984d ago

i actually agree with you for once.

FaZt : I also want my weapon wheel back as well as the dark and bleak artstyle. Couldn't agree more with the narrator and story. R2 story is disjointed because it didn't have a narrator.

mastiffchild2984d ago

Always better with a nice posh bird telling you what's what-why did they leave the posh lady in Grimsby? Weapon wheel too! Let us choose how to slice and dice those toothsome tools!

Anyway, bub to you Dolls-I'd hoped people had stopped taking bubbles just because you have different opinions!

table2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I don't think I've ever been more dissapointed in a shooter than with R2. The first one was a good game and felt original, the second I thought was worse than Haze. That IGN review was an absolute joke giving it a 9.6 or something ridiculous. Definately the worst shooter I've played this gen.

SoapShoes2984d ago

I agree that RFOM had qualities that were better than R2 like the weapon wheel and health system, but R2 didn't cut out and load sections. In R2 it was seamless instead of you suddenly being in another place. I also did not like the narrator, she was good but not any better. A 3rd person perspective on the game doesn't bode well with me, doesn't give a gloomy look as well.

RFOM had better qualities and R2 had better qualities. Cut out the poor designing of the first and the genericness of the second and you have a quality shooter.

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