Record of Agarest War Receives DLC Cheats for the Xbox 360

Aksys Games released new downloadable content today for Record of Agarest War on the Xbox 360.

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ShadyDevil2934d ago

sweet, wonder if the ps3 has the same cheats

MightyMark4272934d ago

the PS3 version have the secret levels and such..

N4GAddict2934d ago

are they free or do you have to pay for it?

MightyMark4272934d ago

the PS3 DLCs are free. but i believe they dont have cheats for it.

ClownBelt2934d ago

DLC like this are BS. They've destroyed Cross Edge with FREE Overpowered weapons and items.

ThanatosDMC2934d ago

Yep, just like some of those Dead Space dlcs.

Corrwin2934d ago

Uh... Nobody forced you to download them, did they? Oh No! The publisher and developer want to give people a helping hand in an hardcore JRPG. TBH most people need the help because Hardcore RPGs are hard to come by these days.

The Deadspace ones were how DLC should be done. You lose nothing by ignoring it, you're not cut out of the story (like Assassin's Creed II did with DLC memories). But if you fancy having fun, they don't cost a lot.

N4GAddict2934d ago

Cheap way to ripped consumers off.

Corrwin2934d ago

I haven't completed it, but to me it's been a run of the mill SRPG in terms of difficult. Can't beat an enemy? Backtrack and grind a bit. We've been doing this for nigh on 20 years, but I can understand it might frustrate younger players.

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