Sega Teases New Action Game, Possible 360 Exclusive

Sega has opened a new teaser site and it looks like the title may be a Xbox 360 title, but it could be something totally different.

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Danrax2930d ago

This could be interesting

Leupac2930d ago

Yeah really, this has my attention now. I will just have to wait and see if more news abut this comes up in time.

qface642930d ago

considering its sega im really not too excited i mean what game have they made lately that was actually really good? that was not just published by them

Rikitatsu2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

-Valkyria Chroniles
-Valkyria Chronicles 2
-Yakuza: Kenzan
-Yakuza 3
-Yakuza 4
-Sonic & SEGA: All Star Racing
-Virtua Fighter 5
-Empire: Total War
-Napoleon: Total War
-After Burner Climax
-Outrun Online Arcade
-Phantasy Star Portable
-Phantasy Star Zero


-Infinite Space
-Condemend 2
-Resonance of Fate
-House of the Dead: Overkill

They have better track record than Square-Enix, Namco, and Konami this generation, but they are still looked down upon mainly because of Sonic Team's performance.

Valkyria Chronicles is probably the best RPG this generation and its developed by Sega, your argument is invalid.

MMFGaming2930d ago

Only fair that the 360 gets some love after PS3 got Yakuza.

cmrbe2930d ago

is the mother of all Sega exclsuive.

Uzesgelen_Goo2930d ago

Yakuza is father of all Sega exclusives (^_^)b

Godmars2902930d ago

Or it could be Wii or DS title with 360 degree perspective.

deno2930d ago

Love sega games. I have been a sega fan since the genesis days.

Forbidden_Darkness2930d ago

Probaly just a timed exclusive (if at all), but even if it isn't, it robaly can't compare to valkyria chronicles or Yakuza on any level

Silber2930d ago

And thats logical why?

So you think Sega cannot make other Good Games, right? You are definetly a PS3 Fanboy.

Forbidden_Darkness2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Nope, never said that at all, all i said is that i dont think Sega can top those games, because they are awesome games.

It's a opinion i rightfully hold and shall hold, those are the best next gen games Sega has made and that is why i've said that. I didn't like Bayonetta much, so i didn't say that.

unrealgamer582930d ago

lol no it wobt be exclusive, I dont even know what It Is and I know It won't be exclusive

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The story is too old to be commented.