PSX Extreme: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

PSX Extreme writes: "There was a time in this industry when circles or even slightly rounded edges was a virtual impossibility. And so, we sat there, appreciating the designer’s attempt at creating realistic-looking pictures on our TV screens with nothing but hard edges, never daring to imagine that gaming could eventually become almost photorealistic. And you know; we had fun. We had lots of fun. Of course, to compare the finest accomplishments these days to the not-so-long-ago past when carefully assembled pixels and childish dialogue reigned is, needless to say, silly."

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Cyrus3652986d ago

Solid Review, still looking for this game, 39.99, and it's sold out in most places over here.

cmrbe2985d ago

give high scores to PS3 games. In fact i hardly or never see PS centric publications give high scores to PS3 games for example like Sixaxis. X360 publications on the other hand is a different story. Looking at Alan Wake for example.