Rumored Information on the Xbox 360’s Successor and Xbox Portable

Rumors have started to fly about what features the next consoles from Microsoft will have in store. Early speculation suggests a built-in Blu-ray drive and more.

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ShadyDevil2657d ago

Idk if they do do it be scared. lol. PS4 :(

Biggest2657d ago

Can someone translate the "rumor" page? The non-article seems like someone decided to say some things and click the add comment button.

darkmurder2657d ago

I can guarantee MS is not releasing a portable gaming device. Considering they are throwing all of their mobile game attention towards Windows Mobile 7 there is no chance of that happening. Considering how Ninty dominates the market and how iPhone is catching up to the casual market MS would be dumb to release a handheld.

edgeofblade2657d ago

I think DUMB is a stretch. You could have said the same thing about a console when Microsoft launched Xbox. Not to say they haven't had bumps in the road, but it's been a pretty successful product so far.

If I were to cite a reason for Microsoft NOT to make a portable, it's because the RROD has proven they aren't the best at playing the hardware game. But who knows... maybe they will learn a thing or two...

inveni02657d ago

Power PC on M$? I don't think so. That would make programming for both PC and Xbox that much more difficult. Which means I don't believe anything else here, either.

Honestly, I don't think M$ will release another console until they feel comfortable with going all digital. (Anything to prevent them from paying Sony for having a BluRay drive.)

IdleLeeSiuLung2657d ago

PowerPC is used at all three console manufacturers right now!

EvilBlackCat2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

"Honestly, I don't think M$ will release another console until they feel comfortable with going all digital. (Anything to prevent them from paying Sony for having a BluRay drive.)"

They dont need Sony's Blu Ray

SkyGamer2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

MS just made over 12 billion dollars profit last fiscal quarter. I am sure they can afford some losses. Of course they have a very good board of directors that look out for the bottom line better than most. I really don't think MS will use blu-ray. I think they will use usb flash drives as you can have up to 64 to 128 gb flash drives that transfer data faster than a blu-ray disc and hold more data. Smaller physical medium and no skip. Just look at the system update for X360. Makes use of flash drives. Look at Windows updates. Breaking the cap on 32 gb sd. Bottom line is that with USB 3.0 out and with transfer speeds of 3gbs, with more voltage and higher capacity, you do not need a disc format. Welcome to the new storage medium and that is backwards compat down to USB 1.1.

Imagine the new "HD" dvd player. Would have a slot for regular dvd then a USB 3.0 input. Imagine how small a device would be. Imagine doing away with the disc altogether.

Besides I think I remember a statement issued out by Intel how they "missed" the opportunity for console processors. Intel could very well power one if not all of the nexgen console cpu's. They can mass produce and well you know the story with Dell . . . Imagine a Nehalem Octacore w/ht! 8Physical, 16logical, yum!

Rush2657d ago

To be fair that's not all that accurate, The Original Box was far more reliable then the PS2. The same way the PS3 is far more reliable then the 360.

Sure they made a massive cock up with the RROD but it doesn't mean there next console wont be a decent machine.

nnotdead2657d ago

i think cost would be too big of a factor. i like the idea though.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Microsoft clearly said (years back) they don't want to go with the Portable Consoles.


PS4 will be released at least 6 or 8 years more. Sony need to stop supporting PS2 1st.

Bnet3432657d ago

Microsoft also said they will beat the PS3 this generation. Microsoft says a lot of things. My point is, you pick and choose what to believe and not believe, leaving people looking like fools. I don't know when an Xbox portable will surface, but I want one. No one has yet revolutionize the online space in handheld gaming and I think Microsoft can push that with Xbox Live on an Xbox Portable the way they did with the original Xbox. And for the love of sunny jesus, it better have two analog sticks.

RememberThe3572657d ago

If this is a "successor" though I'd be concerned. I have a vision in my head of it being a tablet like the iPad.

Nac2657d ago

I believe they have said specifically that they will go into the portable market when the time is right.

edgeofblade2657d ago

Kigmal: I can bet I know how an XBP with XBL will play out by extending the 360 strategy.

There will be two models: one with a 3G/4G-ish radio, but there will be a Core model without the cellphone-y component... but you can buy the component and plug it in later. Otherwise, it will have Wi-fi from the get-go.

AliTheBrit192657d ago

Yeah and Sony said they where dropping the Dualshock controller for good

Look how that turned out.

PS360PCROCKS2657d ago

lmao!! Dude your smoking crack...2016-2018?! You really honestly think you won't see another console until 2016 from Sony? Wow I'll pay you a $100 if you're right, needless to say I'm not worried about losing that bet...

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brazilianbumpincher2657d ago ShowReplies(1)
Meryl2657d ago

^^ that would be funny trouble is no one will buy it if MS does that.

SnuggleBandit2657d ago

PowerPC??? lmao i hope this isn't true. Apple ditched that tech years ago cause it was too much of a power hog. MS already had a console with overheating problems, hopefully they have learned!

siyrobbo2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

both the ps3 cell and 360 xenon are based on POWER architecture

also the wii is power based as well

viperman2402657d ago

Isnt the Cell also a Power PC thing?

Projekt7tuning2657d ago

@ z-hayden
I guess that's why the PS3 and 360 use modified versions of IBM's Power PC now, huh? Ignorance is bliss.

SnuggleBandit2657d ago

Well i certainly feel like an idiot! You learn somethin new everyday i guess hahaha

Anonagrog2657d ago

What did you learn today? That the consoles all use a CPU architecture based on Power PC, or that you need to know the facts before stating a comment? ;)

If only all people would come out clean and say that they are wrong when they are in fact wrong.

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Finch2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


zeeshan2657d ago

Buu..buu..buuh... Bluray is no needed!

ASSASSYN 36o2657d ago

This generation it is not for the 360. Now troll along little one.

Comet2657d ago

I don't think the "Xbox 3" will come with a blu-ray drive...

Christopher2657d ago

***According to early rumored reports the Xbox 360 successor will have a drive that plays both DVD and Blu Ray with software being released on both formats.***

Highly unlikely. You have to program your applications around the read speed of the media, and DVDs have variable speeds for increased reading while BDs have constant speeds. Extremely unlikely anyone would put out a DVD and Blu-ray disc on the 360 for games. Might be used for movie watching, but still just very unlikely considering Microsoft's stance against Blu-ray.

Personally, I think it will be moving towards Arcade 360s being bundled with Natal for good. I've also been thinking that Sony might be doing something similar with packaging the Move with all future console releases considering their lack of response to PS3 availability.

pixelsword2657d ago

I would say that it's likely because of the dominance of the Blu-Ray.

I would also say that there's also other options out there, but they're either failed formats or ones that are not adopted for the film industry, so if they do go another route, I would seriously doubt that they would get the film industry's support.

inveni02657d ago


I didn't say Microsoft doesn't use it. What I said is that they won't use it in a console because of the gap it creates in multiplatform development. We have evidence of that gap right fact, it's one of the hottest debates about Sony's choice to use it.

SonyOwnsNextYear2657d ago

sure. how much would these m$ flash storage untits cost? 100 dollars for a 32 gigabyte card? how much do the m$ hdd's cost again?

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xiren1872657d ago

It's about time for Microsoft to include Blu-ray!