Extreme Gamer: Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe PSP Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "So, I’m addicted. ‘Pixel Junk Monsters’ is one of those “nerd” games that keeps you up at night playing “just one more round.” Its sweet and simple gameplay is so addictive that you might just find your relationships and social life taking a back turn, that is, until now. ‘PixelJunk Monsters,’ which started as a PSN downloadable has now made its way over to the PSP, so now you, can take your addiction with you on the go. This means no more lost hours at home playing ‘Pixel’ while you girlfriend/boyfriend wants you to come over, now you can be the light in their eyes and bring ‘Pixel Junk’ right over to their house.... it’s better then nothing, no? Better yet, pick up another copy and the games co-op mode with friends."

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