Gamesugar: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

Gamesugar writes: "The Kingdom of Dotnia was once a tourist magnet, a place where visitors flocked to following the heroics of one brave and mythical figure who overcame evil in the classical tradition society is structured by. Unfortunately for Dotnia, the tourism industry began to suffer as people became less interested in 2D heroics, forcing the King to issue a decree that would push the Kingdom into the 3D frontier."

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rroded2987d ago

seriously the games a blast n no its not zelda

games all about making fun of stuff while bringing us back to the 'golden' days of the jrpg n it does a smashing job.

slave2Dcontroller2987d ago

I have to wait til next Thursday to get this game and the wait is killing me.Its cool though, this gives me enough time to complete FF13 and then I can tear into 3DDGH.

Cyrus3652987d ago

What I like is, it's also a deal, 39.99 NEW....Wish more games came out like this.