The Bitbag: What’s The Scenario? Sony Playstation 3 VS Microsoft Xbox 360

The Bitbag writes: "Today I was going through comment sections reading the madness after the NPD results were dropped. Once again people were saying that the Xbox 360 is ONLY in the lead because it had a 1yr lead. They said that the PS3 would be destroying the 360 right now if they launched together. So to retort, I started thinking about the possibilities Microsoft had to be in the lead 4yrs later if they launched along side of the PS3 and Wii."

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unrealgamer582839d ago

lol ps3 would be raping if both consoles were released in 2006, The ps3 will be raping the 360 in about a year and a half from now.

Redrum0592839d ago

Dont worry guys, it's only damage control. This article reminds me of GeneralMLD on YouTube, damnit I hate that guy.

mikeslemonade2839d ago

I agree. Microsoft would have had zero advantage if it launched in the same year of the PS3. With the headstart they got:
1.exclusive next gen games for everything one year
2.led to more game developers getting familiar with 360
3.they got the customers to commit to the dvd for the long run
4.xbl gets a jump start

If 360 launched at $400 and $500 in 2006 the 360 would be trailing by around 10-20 million units right now. They would have no advantage what so ever.

2839d ago
Rhythmattic2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Dont forget, The PS3 was Released 18 months after the 360 in the EU (not inc UK).... And Its leading in that territory....

Doesn't leave much to the imagination ...

FACTUAL evidence2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

is that someone's 360 just burned down their house, and everyone who owns a ps3 is fine playing their systems.

Cmon guys! where's the humor!? ;)

Pistolero2839d ago

Damn, it's a ps3 fanboy sausage fest in here. Have fun guys! I'm out.

sid4gamerfreak2839d ago

lol both suck....

PC>Everything else

claterz2839d ago

"both suck"? no they realy don't, all consoles are good in some way and not one of them sucks, PC is just the best of all of them.

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Cyrus3652839d ago

Ps3 has made a nice come back, being roughly 4.5 million units back, after a year heard start for msoft. Couple with a disastrous launch of 500-600 dollars, shortages (When there was initial demand), followed by a good 6 months of not much.

Now there is a steady stream of games, all those early issues are long history, yet during a key period when big times games out, they had supply issues yet again lol.

The Game changers will be Natal/Move, if it's a hit the public or if there is another price drop up either party's sleeve.

halojunkie2839d ago

i agree bubbles. the ps3 is doing very very well now outselling the 360. and about move/natal, well have to see.

Cyrus3652839d ago

Yeah it all depends on the software that comes up, is there that killer software that draws people to natal, and move, and obviously price.

Do they start packing those devices as standard controller in all new PS3 and 360's, to gain uptake?

tordavis2839d ago

Why isn't the PS3 raping the Wii?

Mc Fadge2839d ago

1. Price
2. Target Audience
3. Accessibility

...Oh wait, were you actually expecting a reply? It's a pretty obvious answer really :/

DatNJDom812839d ago

is how u own. Bubble McFadge

Silly gameAr2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )


OK mr. neutral, why isn't the 360 raping the Wii? It has games, the totally awesome XBOX Live, and the 199 pricetag. What's the deal?

Rhythmattic2839d ago

Geeze, Nintendo's had it good..

I mean, cmon, In OZ its only just had a price drop, $299 down from $399. Yes, $299 OZ is Approx $270 US...

Considering its just revamped gamecube tech, with motion controls, These guys I'm guessing have a markup that puts Apple to shame.

Meryl2839d ago

lol people buy wii's turn them on for a month then they spend the rest of their lives gathering dust, wii is the ultimate dust collector

SnukaTheMan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

With the obvious slant towards all things sony here..I think something should be done with this ridiculous disagree/agree system...also on topic its all about price and games....2 things the ps3 did not have when they came out. Now that games and price is considerably better.....ps3 still continues to sputter in North America...a place where sony desperately needs to have complete world domination.

"why isn't the 360 raping the Wii?"
same reason why the ps3 is losing...the casual gamer like grandma cant get into games like god of war 3 and gears of war and bowling at a cheap price dominates the market.

JonnyBigBoss2839d ago

For the same reason Silly Putty outsells Ferraris. Cheaper and wider range of demographics.

Sony consoles have a large amount of demographics, but only the Wii captures random parents, grandparents and babies who have no idea what they're getting other than the fact that a co-worker or friend says they lost 3 pounds jumping on a plastic foot mat while waving a white sausage.

JD_Shadow2839d ago

The simple answer is because the PS3 targeted an audience that has been tapped into for years. It's good to go with what works, but Nintendo took the chance and cornered the then untapped casual gaming market with it's unique controller and family-friendly fare. Simply put, NO one expected Nintendo to really do this well with the Wii. They took the chance, and it paid off. The reason why neither the PS3 or 360 is "raping" the Wii is because no one thought the casual market was that deeply untapped. I think a better question is how was we SUPPOSED to know that the Wii was going to have THAT much of a runaway success. Why could Sony and Microsoft have done to possibly predict Ninty's success before it happened?

Also, I think the person above me that is also asking why hasn't the 360 done any better against Nintendo has a point. Why do you think Natal and Move exist now?

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It's gonna get ugly...

unrealgamer582839d ago

Because It has the casual market locked down.

You're attempt at trying to one up me has failed, Just like everything you do on a daily basis

Pistolero2839d ago

You guys didn't own anybody or anything. You're all delusional and just because you go around patting each other on the back chanting the same mantra doesn't make it true. All you know how to do is make excuses and come up with fanciful reasoning why the 360 and Wii are ahead of the PS3.

Redrum0592839d ago

All I know is that more games, better games, better graphics, better quality, better veriety, has been coming out on ps3 since 08.

Consoldtobots2839d ago

cry some more kid, actually im suprised you crawled out of the woodwork for this article after all the trolling you have done here the past 2 years.

GarandShooter2839d ago

Pistolero, you just had to stop back for a second mouthful of sausage didn't you?

The 360 had the same year head start on the Wii with very different results. So maybe you'll let us know why it isn't ahead of the Wii, instead of just coming in here stirring the pot.

Tordavis, while I don't have a problem with him, is anything but neutral. His entire article is a 'what if excuse fest' as well, and he's yet to respond to the question posed by Silly gameAR, which says something.

The problem with these types of articles is that they don't inform, they don't inspire thought and reflection, they just bring out the worst of the fanboys.

boodybandit2839d ago

"The problem with these types of articles is that they don't inform, they don't inspire thought and reflection, they just bring out the worst of the fanboys."

*grabs chair, stands on chair and applauds!!!*

Well said GS!

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