Fascists Deface Kirby: Our Government's National Security

The Second Life Community was shocked today when the owner of a new Kirby store in the posh Bastiat district discovered that images of Nintendo's lovable pink puff ball had been defaced with Swastikas, hate propaganda, and a portrait of Hitler.

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pwnsause4168d ago

WTF, thats what you do in second life, if so, no wonder why its so popular, hahaahasahaha

Jeremy Gerard4168d ago

stuff like this makes you really wonder about white folks, why is it whenever there is an opportunity to express ourselves while remaining anonymous, white people always choose to express racism? Makes you wonder if racism is really getting rare or if it is still alive and strong and folks just don't talk about it openly. so sad, this stuff hurts whites more than anyone, makes us look like a bunch of undercover pigs. snuff it out i say!!!

VirusE4168d ago

Jeremy Gerard, I agree that when anonymity presents itself people get very racist. For instance look at your racist post. You sir are extremely ignorant for post such blanket statements. From where I am sitting I see racism from ALL sides. Chris rock and every other black comedian can get on stage and be racist as hell and that is fine, yet if a white guy does it ohhh god we better call the rev Jessie Jackson and play the race card. Yet as you say “White people are the problem”. Double standards piss me off. Fighting racism with racism has never worked.

Skynetone4168d ago

to paint a whole store would take weeks and they still got away with it

these guys are good

Jeremy Gerard4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

they are so good and worthy of praise, i am so proud of them, wish i was as cool as them/end sarcasm, your part of the problem you lil wannabe klansman.

caffman4168d ago

before someone calls for second life to be banned?

Groo4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Yeah I wonder about racism too, its nice to see when 80% of black comedians use all there material to rip and make fun of white people. I don't think I know any black Jews.

ShiftyLookingCow4168d ago

The problem is universal, but fascists have a very hmm significant history.

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