Good news for Wii Ware

A company has announced that their Wii middleware will be available to WiiWare developers at a 'heavily discounted rate,' paving the way for small studios and even bedroom coders to develop for the console

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texism4018d ago

Oh my this is GREAT news! I'm a bedroom dev myself. If they keep the price below $300 then you guys might see one of my games on the wii!

ChickeyCantor4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

ah nvm.

djt234018d ago

it will be my first time create a game for a system
couple of my friend are going to try create a game Wii Ware
our limit is 1000

ChickeyCantor4018d ago

now i think about it, my college just bought some unreal engine( not the new one ofcourse) so we can practice on that.....this engine would be nice too.