How to create the perfect multiplayer shooter.

DualShockers writes: "I am an advocate of multiplayer gaming; it provides longevity to your favourite games and promotes healthy (sometimes unhealthy and crazed) competition between players across the globe. I rarely enjoy playing single player games, because they usually have little replay value and you don’t always feel you have progressively achieved something by the end of the game.

Some single player games do have replay value, but most have too much ‘this is so tedious I just might die’ replay value. I am all for getting trophies in a game, but when I have to complete the entire game again on light, dark, inverted, holographic, angel, devil, car, boat, tree, monkey, duck, cheese, and bread mode just for the final trophy, it gets a little tiring."

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LordMarius2899d ago

I too wait for Killzone 3, hopefully GG keeps their current features and adds splitscreen, co-op, and such

Gamerbee2898d ago

NO such thing as a perfect FPS
Especially when there over-opiniated snot nose little brats who know didley squat about game developing & yet feel that their opinions matter somehow.

deadreckoning6662899d ago (Edited 2899d ago ) it Bad Company 3. KZ3 should be good, but I don't expect it to have air and land vehicles in multiplayer..something I've already grown accustomed to in BC2.

ZombieNinjaPanda2899d ago

If anything name it Battlefield 3 :)

But making the perfect shooter would be near impossible. Can't satisfy everyone with vehicles, without vehicles, with killstreaks, without, with perks etc etc.

HolyOrangeCows2898d ago

They're called first person shooters, not first person drivers.

Good list.

kaveti66162899d ago

Listen to the fans. Have a beta. Continue to support the game for years and tweak it constantly to make it as balanced as possible.

DannyVenom2899d ago

That seems to be another problem with games, they make unnecessary updates which actually ruin the gameplay a lá Uncharted 2.

MerkinMax2899d ago

What happened to Uncharted 2???

-Alpha2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Killzone was far from perfect. Choke-point map points, lack of party support, unbalanced classes all lead to some problems. Suicide Assault classes ruined many games. Also, the inability to tell how long servers were annoyed me to no ends. Hated joining 3 hour games when I wanted a simple 30 minute game and there was no way of telling the difference. What I hate most about Killzone is that it was reliant on team-play, and players sucked major balls. Tactitian players were always horrible which lead to the grenade-spam chokepoints. I hate Killzone players. I was never able to recruit my friends away from COD which sucked.

Killzone 2 also lacked co-op, something that it would have benefited greatly from and custom options were very poor. Clan support was great but team boosting and cheating was rampant and GG just didn't care to deal with it.

I still loved Killzone 2 a whole lot. Killzone 3, I'm hoping Ghost_of_Sparta, will fix these issues. The graphics are nailed down so I hope more focus goes towards the Multiplayer.

Killzone 2's focus was so much on graphics that the MP features didn't get as much attention as they should have. The best from Killzone wasn't the 32 player games for me which were always mindless and lacked any cohesive teamwork, it was the 2 on 2, 4 on 4 games. I rarely got a taste of that: I am still looking for K2 players to play with seriously. In fact, I've been wanting to make a N4G Killzone 2 Party Night. Message me and we'll all set a date.

Kaveti said it perfectly: A "perfect" MP shooter needs to have a bloody beta that actually benefits from feedback meaning the beta has to way before anywhere near the release date. Balance is always the key as it enforces competition and people coming back for more action. Multiplayer is NEVER about having the best graphics and that is something I feel Killzone tried too hard to do. I want Killzone 3 to deliver on gameplay. As for the best MP game: COD4 and Halo CE for me. COD4 was addictive as hell and Team Tactical was golden. As for CE, balanced and amazing custom options.

2899d ago
Nicaragua2898d ago

Of course Killzone 2 wasnt perfect but it was amazingly good for a first effort on the PS3.

You say the choke point maps were a negative but i see them as a positive. Pretty much all multiplayer games have choke points in order to create areas of conflict, if it was all flat open spaces then it would be crap. Also Killzones lack of co-op has nothing to do with the content of this article.

Again the fact that Killzone relies so much on teamwork is a huge plus point and if your problem is that you dont have a decent team then go and join a proper clan - problem solved and you will begin to appreciate the 32 player games.

TheBand1t2899d ago

Name it Counter-Strike and release a new version.

sid4gamerfreak2898d ago

CS is one of the best multi player games out there...

Hitman07692899d ago

With so many great multiplayer shooters coming out I honestly cannot pick one favorite yet.

Gamerbee2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Man you ALWAYS post 3 or more paragraphs. Its a comment section, not an essay section.

ThanatosDMC2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yeah agreed. He actually stopped for a month or so but that was before the new skin of N4G. He's back to his old habit but his comments are a good read.

MiloGarret2898d ago

Don't take this comment to seriously Alpha, you're one of very few sane persons on this site and I actually enjoy your comments and the reactions they produce. You just need to learn to be more concise.

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DannyVenom2899d ago

I seriously hope that will be the case.

Chadness2899d ago

"When I have to complete the entire game again on light, dark, inverted, holographic, angel, devil, car, boat, tree, monkey, duck, cheese, and bread mode just for the final trophy, it gets a little tiring."

I LOL'd. Needless to say, I like multiplayer, I just wish more games had local co-op type multiplayer instead of impersonal online play. That's just me, though!

IG_DARKSA1NT2899d ago

Wait for Respawn. Combine the EA/DICE Multi-player system with those guys and you have a winner!

deadreckoning6662899d ago

Exactly. EA/DICE defined what a multiplayer FPS should be like on the PS3. The same goes for Naughty Dog with third person online multiplayer.

dizzleK2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

how about we stop with the multiplayer shooters? how effing many do we need? i guess gaming didn't exist before online play came along.

DannyVenom2899d ago

Why would they stop making shooters? They still make just as many games which aren't shooters.

Gaming obviously did exist before online play but that's completely besides the point of this article.

Chadness2899d ago

In a way I agree with dizzleK. Every time you turn around there's a run-of-the-mill shooter coming out. Very few are actually good.

However, just like RPG fans with their preferred genre, there are gamers out there who eat them up and enjoy them. So, to each their own. Having all these shooters on the market doesn't bother me any, I can just not play whatever ones I want. The quantity isn't doing me any harm.

xc7x2898d ago

lets do away with single player rpg's / platform games too then if we're going to be obnoxious - how dumb to say we don't need select type of games. obviously somebody gets owned too much or got something up their butt.

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