Halo: Reach Impressions and Some (DualShockers)

Yaris Gutierrez of DualShockers writes, "Halo 3 was just a regurgitated Halo 2 with a miniscule amount of changes, and ODST was an overpriced aborted abomination from the third installment. Then, Halo: Reach was mentioned (before the release of ODST), and fans cheered, tossed confetti, and cried tears of joy as – finally – a true following to the series was underway. People began to buy ODST because it promised beta participation...

..I was fortunate enough to download the beta. Of course I was; I paid $60 for the god-forsaken ODST, so it was my right to play the game. Excited, I popped in my ODST disc, started the game, and waited as the Reach beta downloaded into my Xbox 360 Elite. Towards completion, my hands began to sweat, my legs began to shake, and lips became dry. I was more an addict than I thought, apparently. Finally, the game was installed. With a sigh of relief, I launched the long-awaited beta."

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iiprotocolii2804d ago

But nothing will ever come close to the original Halo: Combat Evolved on that gargantuan brick-oven of a console that was the Xbox.

-Alpha2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I played Halo CE on the PC and it was my first true online competitive FPS. And really, it was an amazingly competitive, beautifully balanced, and well crafted fun MP.

The beta is great. It's a different Halo. It's not CE and it's not #3, but it's nice to see change. I find that a lot of the new gameplay is well balanced. Armor Lock and Stealth need some tweaking though, but overall it's still Halo. There are some balancing issues that need work and there are some more general things Bungie is looking for feedback on like quit-bans. I trust that Bungie will deliver. Personally, I'm sold on MP. It's the SP I really want to see.

SixZeroFour2804d ago

i dont think armor lock or stealth need any tweaking whatsoever...its the weapons that need slight adjustment...and in last weeks update they said that it was already being worked on for final release

secksi-killer2804d ago

no if people disagree, it's because they know you are an ultra fanboy. reach looks alot better than halo 3, and you would know this if you had a hdtv (instead of your 14" portable that you use in your bedroom, and a 360.

Traveler2804d ago

It's true, Halo Reach does look quite a bit better than Halo 3.

Also, I hope you don't expect Killzone 3 to look way better than Killzone 2. It will probably look a little better, but don't expect it to be a big jump.

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thereapersson2804d ago

The screenshots I've seen thus far are definitely quite pretty.

DirtyLary2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Unfortunately those are stills with AA turned up.

There's no way in the hell the XBOX can run any game with Anti Aliasing. But, they did a good job on the beta reducing the jaggies compared to H3 multiplayer.

IHateYouFanboys2804d ago

the Reach Beta actually has incredibly good anti-aliasing, some of the best youll see in any game so far this generation.

Traveler2804d ago

It does have good anti-aliasing. I can't believe what nonsense some people speak. You just know that they have never played the game.

BTW, lots of Xbox 360 games have anti-aliasing.

hamoor2804d ago

i don't know what you and other sony fanboys thinks,but the xbox 360 does HD gaming and it does anti-aliasing
sure the ps3 is more powerful,but you fanboys make the 360 looks like a ps2

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Hitman07692804d ago

I've been hearing this was just like the Halo: Combat Evolved game I enjoyed so much on Original Xbox, for me it was lots of system link!!! I also enjoyed the game when it came to PC. I'm disappointing that the game isn't more like Halo 1 and the class system sounds good at first, but I much more enjoy games like Unreal Tournament 3 where you earn in-game weapons and power-ups, as the author put so "through evolution of skill". I am a big fan of skill.

Chadness2804d ago

Sounds disappointing to me. And here I was considering purchasing this just to have something to play on DualShockers community playdates! ;)

IG_DARKSA1NT2804d ago

It's not bad, pretty much Halo 3 with new maps.

littletad2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

It's completely different. Looked up your gamertag too, which shows you've never even played Halo3 let alone gotten an achievement.


I'm way older than you kid. Smarter too. Don't pick a fight now. If you give a silly one sentence comment, you expect an analytical reply? Please. The game is very different than Halo 3. New weapons, new modes, added abilities, new DMR with five shot frustrations, health packs. Yeah, it's "pretty much halo 3".

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Traveler2804d ago

That's because most of the fanboy fanatics are the ones who are so concerned with posting articles defending their console of choice and criticizing the other consoles. Level headed people often don't care as much. They might contribute, but that is a personal choice and is not at all a requirement to be part of the discussions here at N4G.

Asuka2804d ago

finally, a good reason for me to renew my xbl.

taz80802804d ago

I think it will be worth playing for multiplayer but even still it just did not impress me. The addition of armor felt like an addon at best

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