Messing with Tangent Space

What is tangent space, and more important, what is its relevance to game design? In this in-depth feature, FXLabs programmer Siddharth Hegde discusses both tangent space and its practical uses, and why it is such an important consideration in many of today's pixel shaders.

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Wargasm3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

there is an excellent chance that 98% of the people on this site wont be able to understand this article....

It looks interesting, its just that i don't understand it in any sense of the word.

Merovee3875d ago

I'm a bigger dork than I thought..... It actually made me giggle to see them write the article in Proof Form. Lol.

vaughner813872d ago

Very informative, if you have nothing better to do or you really care about Tangent Space! lol