Media Create hardware sales (5/3 - 5/9)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay2812d ago

It's only natural that sales are down this week because Golden Week is over.

jahcure2812d ago

once again the ps3 outsells the xbox 360. Come on MS, explain to us what's going on. You win in the US by 5k for the MONTH and get outsold in Japan by 21k in a WEEK...

that's 84k a month vs 5k a cannot keep the numbers like that if you want to win this thing MS!!!

Drop the price of the 360 to 99$ need to pull this trump card NOW!!

renegade2812d ago

Lol in japan they better drop it lower and see what happens.

feelintheflow2812d ago

worldwide and it would take almost 4 years to catch them. I wonder if the next generation will have started by then? I don't think a price drop for the 360 will make any difference in Japan. The 360 is not only American, but it has been faulty, so unless they give them a way, they will never outsell the Ps3 there in any month.

DaTruth2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

PS3 just caught up by four million in 6 months so what you're saying sounds kind of stupid!

Sony's estimated sales for this year is 15 million. Has 360 ever sold more than ten?

Britney Spears2812d ago

ps3 is guaranteed to outsell 360 eventually.360 is a failure in japan and barely selling in Europe.only a 4.5 million gap despite a year headstart and price advantage.

GrandTheftZamboni2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

The next generation might start soon, but for some consoles it doesn't mean the end of the current one.

sikbeta2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

PS3 – 110,694 totals for February http://www.nintendoeverythi...

PS3 – 155,917 totals for March http://www.nintendoeverythi...

PS3 – 25,590 (4/12 – 4/18) http://www.nintendoeverythi...
PS3 – 25,629 (4/19 – 4/25) http://www.nintendoeverythi...
PS3 – 32,874 (4/26 – 5/2) http://www.nintendoeverythi...

PS3 – 85,093 totals for 3 weeks of April

PS3 – 26,185 (5/3 – 5/9) first week of May http://www.nintendoeverythi...

PS3 = 376,889

Sales for the Month of January and one week of April (4/5 – 4/11) are missing [idk why] and it's not complete, excluding January, we can assume that the numbers for that week were similar to the previous week, so:

PS3 – 25,000 in the missing week (4/5 – 4/11)

PS3 – 376,889

PS3 = 401,889 in 3 Months

IF this numbers are "persistent" in the next 3 month (including May)

PS3 – 400,000 in [ May + June + July ]

PS3 – 401,889 in 3 Months [February + March + April]

PS3 = 801,889

After that, August + September @ 25k per week =

PS3 – 200,000 in [ August + September ]

PS3 = 1,001,889 excluding January cos I don't have the numbers And this is JAPAN ALONE, Europe numbers favor the PS3

ipe2812d ago

more than 100k per month it ll need less time.
In japan ps3 outsells it by over 100k.
in eu ps3 is outselling 360 by 150k monthly.
And in us ey re equal,last few weeks ps3 outsells 360 but not by big margin.

And if some of u dont remember ms has had about 10 mills.of 360 on market prior to ps3 launch.
That difference now is 4.5 mills.

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Ziriux2812d ago

Media create is awesome man.

Nathan Drake22812d ago

ps3 outsold wii in march and april. looks like wii will take may

paradigmfellow2812d ago

The 5K lead 360 had for the month of April. You see NPD does not equal the world.

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