No Dpad: Fast and Furious Adrenaline Review

No Dpad:

Fast and Furious is possibly one of the most popular movie franchises in the history of movies… well… almost. But either way, Fast and Furious is still popular nonetheless, hitting the top grossing in box offices numerous times. So with that said, how does Fast and Furious Adrenaline fair in the race?

Well first and foremost, it can be noted that Fast and Furious Adrenaline has the most impressive racing physics I’ve seen in a racing game on the App Store, along with the inclusion of an impressive draw distance. But even with those features, racers are hard to compete against in the App Store, as all are more or less at the top of their game.

So while Fast and Furious has some promising elements, I don’t think it has enough to take it over the top; it’s good but not great.

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