3D Dot Game Heroes' Hero Roster Is Packed with Cameos

If you've picked up 3D Dot Game Heroes this week you already know that it's a love letter to the 8- and 16-bit eras of gaming, jam-packed with references to old-school games and game culture. It also features more than a few sly references to developer From Software's earlier efforts, like Demon's Souls. What a lot of people might not have realized, however, is that From "hid" a bunch of self-referential character cameos right in its character-select screen.

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ReBurn2932d ago

I'm having trouble finding this game in my area. I looked all afternoon. I guess I'll just have to buy it online. I really want to play it.

eggbert2932d ago

is your friend!

I only wish they made it online in a similar fashion to LBP.

Redrum0592932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Lol I went to gamestop the second day of release, and bought the last copy. The cachier was a little pist. He told me that now he has to wait a few weeks til they get more shipment in. I started the game off with link mod character and named him link.

AKS2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

The manager at a GameStop near me wears Xbox LIVE shirts and pins (4 real), so I don't think I'd need to worry much about them keeping copies for PS3 games for themselves. They gave me Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a few days before it was officially supposed to be released because he wasn't sure what it was. When I bought GT5: Prologue, he said "You know that this is just a $40 demo, right? It's not even a real game." What salesmanship! Some odd ducks at that shop.

I guess the word is out about 3D Dot Game Heroes. I've read quite a few people are having a hard time finding it. I guess Amazon was the way to go; I got it the day after it was released for $36 and free shipping.

paradigmfellow2932d ago

You should have reserved it my friend. You should do that with every game. Also Atlus ships according to pre-orders.

ReBurn2932d ago

I did, but my pre-order is backordered at GameStop. They said it will be 2 or 3 weeks before I get it. So I ordered it from and I'll just transfer what I paid over to ModNation Racers.

paradigmfellow2932d ago

Did you pre-ordered it online? If you did that's where it went wrong. Never pre-order from the gamestop website unless it is for store pick-up. They will put you for back-order if they don't have enough. While at the store they always have the right amount for reserves.

A change in the wind2932d ago

A low profile PS3 exclusive distributed by Atlus is a must buy day one. 3D Dot Game Heroes was a collectors item before it was even released.

Prototype2932d ago

I bought the game from Best Buy earlier today, took the guy 20 min to find it in the back, game is FUN, and a big break from the shooters and RPG's out at the moment. I even downloaded some of the custom characters (Sephiroth, Mega Man, Main guy from Bleach, and Viewtiful Joe), but this game is fun and I recommend playing it soon as possible.

Grassroots2932d ago

Wasn't in at my local Best Buy, but Wal-mart had it, try there.

himdeel2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )'s a nice getaway from the standard affair games and truly is as they say a love letter to the 8 & 16 bit days of gaming. It's oozing with character and plain ol fun and humor. I highly recommend 3DDH

ThanatosDMC2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I was just at Fry's Electronics after class. I had the game in hand but it was $39.99... i ended up buying the LOTR bluray bundle instead... im kinda regretting it but i opened it all ready. Funny thing is LOTR bundle costs more.

karlowma2932d ago

Aside from preorders, the EB Games (Gamestop) in my admittedly small Canadian city only had three copies each on launch day. I did see it at Walmart today though.

It's a great game. Don't give up!

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Godmars2902932d ago

Anyone try DL a hero from the official site?

MajestieBeast2932d ago

My preorder is in backorder im not a happy gamer right now.

Marceles2932d ago

I've been playing this game all day and it's the top game I'm going to play for awhile, it's amazing.

Lol @ SantaFunk, I remember him from Toe Jam and Earl

Cyrus3652932d ago

I'm having a hard time finding it over here, same publisher as demon Souls, and it took a while to bring it back in stock...hope this isn't the case with 3D dot.

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