Nintendo DS To Surpass PS2 Units Sold

"For some time now the PlayStation 2 has held the mantle of best-selling video game hardware ever. As of last September the PS2 weighed in at over 140 million units sold. According to NPD analysts, however, that reign may be coming to an end compliments of the Nintendo DS.

Since its launch in 2004, the Nintendo DS has enjoyed massive success across four versions of the handheld. As of last March the DS has shipped nearly 130 million units, making it barely in reach of the PS2."

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topgeareasy2869d ago

PS2 has only changed form factor while the DS has had more than form factor upgrades look at the DSI as an example. which gives users a reason to buy a new ds which can't be said about the PS2.

N4GAddict2869d ago

Sony should make a Playstation 2 portable.

KILLERAPP2869d ago

The PS2 is the best console of all time; enough said long live the king….

Godmars2902869d ago

Its a handheld...

And as topgeareasy says, there's literally a new version out every 3-6 months.

tunaks12869d ago

say hello

Godmars2902869d ago

May as well try comparing 360's faceplates to all the types of Gameboys - and there are proabbly still more gameboys than faceplates.

And still, its a handheld. A handheld that's likely getting goverenment and corporate subsidies, will be required in schools as well as McDonald's, in Japan.

jazzking20012869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

2 question thou
i dont know how much it plays a role but
ps2 had only 2 versions (original and slim)
ds had 4 versions - or many more lol
in my eyes the DS version updates/upgrades has played a major role
so can you compare the 2?

i know both are game machines but can you compare a in home console to a handheld one? i am guessing that handheld ones would sell more due to price and maybe flexibility to use it anyway.
a better comparison is ps2 to xbox to 360 to ps to gamecube to ps3 or whatever

mayb i am just thinking to much and it does not matter at all

Faztkiller2869d ago

Id say it has a little to do with it that and Japan love handhelds

Raypture2869d ago

I don't look at the DS versions doing much, DS lite added nothing new DSi added a bit new and the DSiXL didn't add anything new either. Most poeple still have the DS they bought and haven't upgraded from the people I know, thing is because this is N4G and it's not sony breaking a record people will downplay it like crazy, I like the PS2 better but the DS has done more than the PS2 in terms of userbase, the DS really appeals to everyone when you count in all the cooking and my x coach games.

Faztkiller2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

One of my friends little girl goes crazy for the newest one every time they come out and she gives in every time I say there a lot of other parents that give in also

N4GAddict2869d ago

Sony should be doing this with the PSP as well

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