PlayStation 3 Hardware Hits 35 Million

IGN writes: "A spokesperson confirmed to IGN the company sold has sold 35.7 milllion PlayStation 3 units worldwide as of March 2010. During its annual 2009 fiscal results from early this morning, Sony revealed it sold 13 million PS3 consoles for the year. This is an improvement over 2008, which saw sales of 10 million units."

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assmankramer2902d ago

35.7 million. Don't forget those extra 700,000 units, title maker.

kingjoker342902d ago

Great job sony for closing the gap. I wouldnt be surprised that Sony beats MS in sales in the next few months.

deadreckoning6662902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

"I wouldnt be surprised that Sony beats MS in sales in the next few months."

They won't. Just giving my opinion.

@Disagrees- This is whats going to happen. I'm going to bookmark this thread then bring it back up at the end of the year and say I told u so...then the PS3 fans ill be like, "Who cares, I play games..not sales."

So c ya on 12/31/10 =D Btw, y are u "gamers" worried about whether Sony beats M$? Didn't the PS3 show a significant growth? That made me very happy because more growth for Sony means more content they can produce for the PS3. However, I don't see what you "gamers" have to GAIN if the PS3 outsells the 360 in North America.

Hellsvacancy2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Sony will need atleast another year, well, until GT5 shows up anyway

-Alpha2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I don't know about the next few months, but I see no reason for the PS3 sales to start decreasing. The PS3 continuously is closing the gap, so logically, I see no reason for the momentum to stop. The issue is that MS wont stop either and if they really want price cuts they'll do it.

In truth, it's about profits, not sales. MS doesn't quiver in its boots if Sony beats them by 1 console. It means nothing. And if Sony starts to beat MS I see no reason for MS to care. Sony has to significantly pass MS in order for MS to feel threatened and by the time that happens who knows where we will be in the generations. I don't even think companies care. Fanboys just want to rank consoles in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

I don't know what people's agendas are with sales. I see this as good news for the Playstation. Of course, people are gunning for PS3 to take down 360, and that wont happen. MS isn't going anywhere from the industry. And in truth, MS is making so much more than Sony: Advertisements and XBL being the two streams that Sony does not have, outside of Home at least. Though, I am thinking PSN Premium could change that. Both companies have lost lots due to hardware failures and cost but Sony is now making money and MS is still supporting faulty hardware with extended warranties.

If people really put the 360/PS3 war at side they'll see that in terms of profits Nintendo is crushing both of them. Sales only matter to rank the consoles standings to people, and people fail to realize Nintendo is the real #1. It has no worth to gamers and is assumed to have the most worth for the companies. However, as I have stated above, that's not true.

Edit: Nitro, most definitely. Note though that though Sony has a large inventory of games they have to rely on First Party. Third Party is where the free money comes in to my knowledge and that has always favored MS. That is why MS continues to make profits: More third party (at the beginning at least), XBL costing do damn much and people willingly paying, advertisements everywhere on the dashboard-- MS is smart like that. Sony only recently started getting in on these kinds of profits with Home and now PSN Premium is set to debut. Honestly, I admire Sony's hard-work, "do-it-yourself to do it right" philosophy. But if we want to talk profits Sony isn't doing the best to my knowledge. Nintendo is the dominant Alpha Male so to speak. MS is more in the middle, making money, but also stupidly losing it due to negligence.

Nitrowolf22902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Alpha Sony has brilliant Advertisement since Kevin Butler (not his real Name)although i can still understand this

As for the paid sub. I hope its actually something worth it, hopefully they will shed some light at E3.

But yes its all about the Returns at the end for the company. Just because they sold more then there competitor does not mean that they have made more profit. Sony Strategy is to sell the console while they are loosing money ( id don't think they are anymore now, since it has become profitable). This is a common business strat. That's why some places offer buy one get one free, they do that because the item that is free they are going to get there money back with all the other merchandise that people will most likely buy.

Sony has a large inventory of games coming out, from variouse Genre. This is how they are making money off of the PS3. (along with other things to go along with the PS3)

i agree with you alpha, sales should not even matter to us. In the end it should be which console offer the best experience and really that is up to every individual person.

AuToFiRE2902d ago

The reason I care is because microsoft has its head so far up its own arse they think they are the king of the world, they need to be shown that just because they have money doesnt mean they will succeed, they have a monopoly in the operating system market and they can barely get that running half the time, look at their hardware, shoddy, just like their software, they dont care about the consumer, they just want your money.

they must pay for knowingly selling shoddy hardware, thats why i want them to fail miserably for what they have done

duplissi2902d ago

it seems to me like everyone has really short term memories, cause oh i dont know the ps3 has outsold the 360.... for the vast majority of the time its been out... worldwide of course.

and to deadreckoning why wouldnt the ps3 outsell the 360? i mean like i said it always has, but with the slim it just outsells the 360 by a larger margin. now if you just mean North America.. well we'll see.

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TOO PAWNED2902d ago

Go over at VGchartz, i love how they translated it as shipped, hahah ignorant bast......
Sony said way back in 2007 that they report numbers as sold to consumer, not shipped to stores, but i guess VGfake knows better then Sony

SonyRulez2902d ago

sony do not know how many consolse are in consumers hands, so all they report on is consoles shipped to stores. exactly the same as what nintendo and microsoft report.

DaTruth2902d ago

If Sony wants to, they can know! Digital age and every PS3 box has a barcode for a reason! I'm not sure why you guys keep saying they can't know!

Sony's shareholders demanded to know how many consoles were actually in consumers hands since they make no money on consoles sold to retailers and only make money on games. If Sony and the fifty times they have said it, say they track sales to the consumer, who are you to say they can't!

JokesOnYou2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

"every PS3 box has a barcode for a reason!"
-lol, yeah so everytime a ps3 barcode is scanned it feeds into sony's Super AI known as the Matrix, and we're all just batteries right. lol, Are you serious? If sony's knows their own sales to consumers why do the accept and comment on NPD sales, like so many other reputable companies, never contradicting them with more accurate internal data/the Matrix? lol

"Sony's shareholders demanded to know how many consoles were actually in consumers hands since they make no money on consoles sold to retailers and only make money on games."

lmfao, talk about being a sheep, Sony's shareholders make money whenever Sony makes a profit, no matter how small, so shareholders care about ps3's sold to retailers because if sony is making any money from each sale of a ps3 or losing money on each sale of a ps3 it contributes or subtracts from shareholders profits. Any business management rep will tell you that all companies count shipped as sold since companies dont tend to order re-stock when they have full shelves of the same product, which why sony counts shipped as sold like every other company does, but just like politicians company's can spin the language and confuse those who are desperate to believe anything.


facelike2902d ago

For everyone who says a company doesn't know how many units are sold, that is incorrect. Retailers can easily track sales for items, that does takes in account returns. I worked for a couple multi million $ retail stores and when they said, lets check lifetime sales of this item, it took minutes for the info.

Plus we could also check who bought them, when they bought with them, the add-on rate for accessories by percentage and by dollar, how much profit was made over a period of time, etc. All within minutes.

I can't speak for Sony, Microsoft nor Nintendo what they are presenting as sales data, but it is very easy info to gather.

JokesOnYou2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I don't know where you worked but in general they all do it the same. Also I do know that a retailer like say Walmart can track sales very easily but thats not what we're talking about. Sony is the manufacturer and then sell their product through a 3rd party(Retail Stores). So unless it's some Mom & Pop joint or a local retail chain of stores it is very, very difficult to track SOLD AT THE REGISTER TO THE CONSUMER DATA, which is why NPD spends ton's of resource's doing just that BECAUSE many fortune 500 companies PAY THEM FOR SALES COLLECTION INFO. It's very simple really, because for any huge corporation like sony, microsoft, and nintendo their products are ORDERED= PAID FOR BY 10's of 1000's of individual retail stores, who have NO OBLIGATION TO REPORT ANYTHING TO SONY, NO the only thing sony know's is when they order more hardware. Then Sony will shipped them more consoles and at that point sony is done because again they have been paid by the retailer for each individual ps3 ordered. In other words if sony's accumalitive orders from all the usual retailers at the end of Q2 total 3 mil, then they can simply add 3mil to their LTD sales because those 3mil are sold(and will eventually sell to the consumer), the only thing that SLOW SALES OF THIS SAME 3mil WILL AFFECT IS HOW MUCH THE RETAILERS WILL ORDER NEXT QTR. So if 1.5mil of that 3mil is sitting on the retailers shelves instead of in the hands of consumers then, the retailers are going to order less hardware because of the slower sales which will in turn cause sony's shipped/sold sales numbers for next qtr to be lower than the previous qtr unless theres a significant change in demand. In other words the avg retailer doesn't have any type of connection with sony to report daily, weekly, or monthly data every time they sell a new ps3, the barcodes scanned at walmart, gamestop etc do NOT give automatic feedback to sony, thats the store chains internal tracking data, so its virtually impossible for sony to know right now they just sold 1,398 ps3 over the last hr. Also although I'm sure sony would like to know how many ps3's got into the hands of consumers each day, from a business standpoint its irrevelant since those ps3 have already been sold(to retailers) and its not like a retailer would order ___ ps3's if he didn't expect them to sell with in a reasonable timeframe, so why would sony invest money & resources into such a tracking method when NPD already gives it out for a small fee.


Consoldtobots2902d ago

forget it boys, these fanboys will NEVER let go of that "shipped to retailer" bone they are chewing on. Let em live in their own little world so they can play with their bone.

Oner2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Simple end to this argument in a couple ways ~

1) When an item is SOLD it gets REPLACED via an order because Item "Z" is not in stock or is low on stock. EVERY retailer knows EXACTLY what is SOLD and what is on the shelves. Thus SOLD THROUGH can be easily tracked...this is not the 1950's people get with the digital times already. THAT is how business is ran ~ people BUY things and retailers SELL those things to make PROFIT so EVERYTHING is tracked.

2) But lets placate this moronic "view" (since it is NOT factual) for one second with this question ~ If sales of a console cannot be tracked then how can sales of Halo be tracked accurately I ask?

This has been PROVEN time and time again. It simply boils down to certain types of immature "gamerz" who just don't want to believe it, because it hurts their little feelings to be proven wrong EVERY time (especially about the PS3 outselling the 360 World Wide).

Keep holding onto that false hope tools...I am sure they will even say the same thing when the PS3 ultimately outsells the 360 by early next year. And yes I can say that with confidence because year over year the PS3 GROWS more while the 360 DECLINES ~ THAT is factual.

SonyRulez2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


as has been said, yes, shops can track how many PS3s/360s they sell VERY EASILY. that would be great IF sony were the ONLY ones that sold PS3s to consumers, and they did it directly.

thats not what happens though. sony sell the consoles to stores, stores sell them to customers.

lets look at an example.

- store A orders 1000 PS3s.
- sony ships them 1000 PS3s: store sales - 0, sony sales - 1000.
- store A sells 500 of those PS3s in 1 week, orders 500 more PS3s.
- sony ships them 500 more PS3s: store sales - 500, sony sales - 1500.
- store B orders 10000 PS3s for all their stores country wide.
- sony ships them 10000 PS3s: store sales - 500, sony sales - 11500.
- store B sells 7500 PS3s, orders 5000 more.
- sony ships them 5000 PS3s: store sales - 8000, sony sales - 16500.

so from that example, sony have it down on their books that they sold 16500 consoles, but in reality only 9000 of those are in consumers hands.

now take that example and instead of only having store a and store b, have literally THOUSANDS of stores all doing the same thing. shops dont wait until they literally have NO stock left before ordering more. could you imagine if at christmas time a video game store didnt order more PS3s until the moment they sold their last one? theyd lost thousands of dollars in sales. whenever they get to a certain level of consoles left, they order more. when there are thousands of stores doing this, the only one who knows how many consoles have actually been sold are the stores, and they only know how many their OWN store has sold.

they are under NO obligation to report back to sony on how many consoles they have sold. and guess what? THEY DONT! that is why companies like NPD even exist - suppliers have no way of getting an accurate total of how many of their products have ACTUALLY been sold, so they pay NPD to go out and get all the sales figures from the individual stores that will release that info (which they are not legally obliged to do btw) and then collaborate the results and report back to them.

but sure, believe that sony magically can tell when the little family owned computer shop on the corner sells a PS3 to a customer lol. if that helps you sleep at night youre beyond help.

Oner2895d ago

It seems you don't know the meaning/difference between "Sell IN" and "Sell THROUGH". Sony & Nintendo report "Sell THROUGH" while MS reports "Sell IN". This has been PROVEN & CONFIRMED before, please read up about it. Ultimately your "example" is incorrect because you are explaining something that YOU believe is true off of false information to begin with. If you had/knew or understood the correct information you would not be using a false example about something you have no clue about.

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sikbeta2902d ago

Seems like we'll say Sayonara to the "Gap" this year Pals, after that, everything that happened last gen will Repeat itself

Christopher2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Good job Sony, but don't relax... Microsoft is a competitor that always has a few Aces up its sleeves.

In the end, I hope these guys keep outdoing each other as much as possible, because that just means better gaming experiences for me :)

RageAgainstTheMShine2901d ago

...but increased competition does not necessarily translate to "better games for the 360 despite the deep pockets of Microsoft.

No need to explain that.

mindedone2902d ago

changing the title is a violation of the Contributor's rules of submission. Typing 35.7 would have had to have been reported.

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NYC_Gamer2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

ps3 is making fools out of all the early haters....

Chug2902d ago

All the current haters ;)

-Alpha2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

And all the future haters :P

Really, this is impressive. For a company that started off poorly this gen, (and there is no doubt that they did) for them to turn around not only in sales but in delivering the games that they promised shows the dedication and reliability of the brand.

And in the end that is what is most important: I know that I can rely on Playstation because even through the worst they know how to get things done. Sony has always thought long-term and though there was doubt I can rest assured knowing that the brand has a legacy in this industry. Cannot wait to see what E3 does.

Bathyj2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I dispute that they started poorly. That was just the public perception, not the reality.

They still sold about 10M in the first year, the same amount M$ sold but XB did it with a lower price, no competition, media friendly environment, but still not that many good games in the first year.

PS3 cost more, had everyone on their back, media biased they still cant shake, the XB which was ayear established, and the unprecidented success of the Wii which no one saw coming, at least to that extent. All that, they achieve equal success under harder conditions. Doesnt that count for something? Its like beating the 100mm record but with someone on your back.

Even with all of that, they sold well and still no one will give credit for it. And the no games argument is rubbish, Resistance is still one of the smoothest shooters today, with a new take on WWII history and is probably one of the best launch games ever along side Halo and Mario64. Motorstorm came right around the corner with visuals that other consoles still have trouble matching and gameplay with a flavour all of its own.

Sony have improved enormously, no doubt, but that all the more impressive because they were never bad to begin with.

-Alpha2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Bathy, I think that though that was true there was very good grounds to doubt Sony.

I'm a pretty skeptical person myself and when I think back about Sony I definitely had my doubts and here is why:

1) Sony as whole company was doing poorly in the recession. I remember reading about big lay-offs, rumors about them pulling the plug on one of their products, etc. This was more than media hype: it was true-- however, it was the Xbox fanboyism that would push it to the next level. This is how Sony is doomed started IMO

2) Playstation had NEVER been in third place or did poorly. The fact that PS3 did gave people major trust issues. How could a company that was always so strong get pushed to, not second, but last? It was unthinkable. People have such a good, clean image of the Playstation brand and for it to get knocked down was scary.

3) The PS3 had piss-poor online support. I don't care if it was free, it was just bad at launch. Lack of in-game Cross Media Bar was absolutely embarrassing and it REALLY just made XBL look so much better. This generation is also where internet gaming just boomed and expanded, and for Sony to be out-of-the-loop and struggling with basic features that MS already had nailed down showed their irrelevance to the industry in the beginning. This was really the way fanboys started to make Sony feel irrelevant.

4) I also feel this lead to Sony becoming alienated with the consumer. This was no more evident than with the advertisements. Personally, I loved them. But people just did not understand it. It wasn't until Universe of Entertainment that Sony started being more "hip" with it.

5) The launch games were all unrecognizable and untrustworthy. This lead to consumers not caring. And it also lead to PS3 fanboys desperately hyping them. Then Lair happened and things got even worse for PS3 fans.

So, IMO, in the beginning, there was perfectly rational reason to doubt Sony. They felt lost and constantly referred to the future of tomorrow, but that wasn't good for the present time. You REALLY had to have faith in Sony. The irony is that I don't remember the 360 having a terrific launch either. Their games were mostly PS2 games: HD Guitar Hero 2, HD Burnout, etc. But they had no competition, and that was MS's strategy. And what a poor one it was. But how else would they have swayed the Playstation/Nintendo-raised gaming industry? Halo was the real megaton and IMO is the best reason to own the 360.

However, it was until MGSIV that people saw hope. And then, like dominoes, Sony's "Just wait" philosophy mocked by Xbox fanboys everywhere started dying. The tide shifted, and PS3 games started delivering, not one failing to meet the hype. And now, Sony has established so many new franchises, and so many great franchises of the past have proven to deliver. Sony now has a new attitude, new games that have established themselves (inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, etc). that they are just steamrolling their former shell. They are in the prime of their lives and it's such a joyous moment for gamers.

Bathyj2902d ago

Just to comment on your 2nd point.

I dont see it as such a shock that Sony was "last".

I dont subscribt to this notion people seem to have that this generation was Sony's just to walk in and take. It wasn't. Every generation is anyones, up for grabs. It was never theres for the taking or going to be handed to them. If anything, history shows you cant win 3 times in a row.

Remember, everyone starts at 0. The only reason they are "last" (I still dont see them as last, cos when it comes to delivering they are way in front of everyone.) is because they started last.

Saying, Sony should be in front because they won the last 2 gens is as silly as the people that say M$ is awesome because of their huge success on only their 2nd console which people do.

Uhm, how many consoles did Sony take to not just win, but change the industry for ever. They sold 100M on their first try, and then not just repeated it, but bettered it. And trust me, by the time this gen is over they will be the only company to sell 100M of 3 consectutive consoles. Quite a feat. No one has had such a profound effect on the gaming population as them, yet every gen is still anyones to take.

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sikbeta2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Now when those words like "da døøømedzz" come to my mind, Just start to lol so freaking hard, poor guys, they must be really ashamed... nah, they'll just hide and whisper the same words they were shouting...

bullaaaa2902d ago

Remember when Sony announced last year that their goal was to sell 33 million units by the end of FY 2009? Lot of people here on N4G should be enjoying their crows served on platter.

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Elven62902d ago

Congrats Sony on a job well done!

maskedwarrior2902d ago

They certainly came a long way from launch.

OmarJA-N4G2902d ago

Congrats Sony & keep delivering great games.

It's all about Sony this gen.

Figboy2902d ago

a lot of people this generation downplayed Sony, but modern day gaming owes a lot to them.

if Sony hadn't came into the industry, we'd still be playing platformers, and RPGs would still be a niche genre.

it's a double edged sword sometimes, but Sony ushered in the era of "games for big people."

Nintendo was, and still is, content with riding the coat tails of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. they had no desire to push the industry in any significant direction, and even the Wii was simply a stab to grab more money, not push gaming forward. honestly, motion controls, for 4 years now, hasn't really revolutionized gaming like Nintendo claimed it would. now look at a game like Little Big Planet, now THAT is a game that has some amazing implications for gaming. User Created Content is certainly not new, but LBP makes it EXTREMELY accessible to gamers that don't have an insane technical knowledge behind game design.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have ALL contributed to the gaming industry, but i definitely believe that Sony's entry into the industry really helped grow the industry up (with all the positives and negatives that come with it).

RageAgainstTheMShine2901d ago

...Nintendo Philips, Sega, NEC, Atari, Philips, 3DO, Nokia, Apple, Bandai and Microsoft ;)

No Sony no Honey

Nathan Drake22902d ago

sony is expecting another 15 million sold in this fiscal year so ps3 is gonna be at 50 million in march 2011.

how much is microsoft expecting for x360?

Elven62902d ago

I don't think they've said anything, I'm sure they must have high expectations as well particularly in the fall.

SixTwoTwo2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

50.7 million to be exact which is phenomenal considering they launched at $600. I wonder where the 360 will be at in March of next year? The flame wars are really going to heat up over the next 12 months. Actually its already started to lol.

RageAgainstTheMShine2901d ago

" Wondering how long it'll be until the PS3 catches the 360? Who knows what effect Project Natal will have on sales of Microsoft's console, but taking things as they stand, between 2008 and 2009, PS3 sales increased by three million. Over the same time, 360 sales decreased by 2.6 million." -Kotaku

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