Project Natal And PS Move in NBA Games

IGN writes- In the minds of many self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers" motion controls are a bad thing. They're seen as a gimmick, and for good reason, as they've often been used as such on platforms like the Wii and in games like You're In The Movies on Xbox 360. But one genre that has seen some signs of worthwhile motion control use is sports, where many times having something in your hand to swing around like mad makes total sense. While it's true some sports games should be left alone (being the sports guy here at IGN, I certainly don't want my favorites ruined), I could see both the PlayStation Move and Natal being used cleverly in very specific instances to increase the fun and realism of playing sports games.

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keysy4202959d ago

why would you want to shoot free throws with move or natal?

Bigpappy2959d ago

You don't even need to put down the controller. With move it becomes a bit more complicated unless you play the full game with the move. Having to put down DS3 to pick-up Move just for free throws seems like a bad idea to me.

renegade2959d ago

Well they said that natal have some problems on the free throws because face recognition sort of. Here is a quote:

"But a comparable mechanic could be used for free throws and it might not need any of that facial recognition crap that could cause problems with Natal. Instead, and thanks largely to the Move controller's ability to translate your motions 1:1 to in-game animations, the free throw should be quite easy to pull off."

sxpacks2959d ago

Only Free throws? You guys have no imagination.

I would use the Move controller to execute special moves:
Spin Moves- by physically spinning around.
Dunks- Move up then sharp move down
Layup- Smooth motion up
Blocking - Moving your hand up with the other player
Stealing - Quick Swipe
Tipoff/JumpBall - Use the direction on your hand to direct the ball.
Passing - Again using directional Z-space to move the ball.
Bounce pass - Quick movement downward and in the right direction
Fast Pass- Quick movement in the right direction
Around the back passing - Physically behind the back

Could also be used during a "showtime" dunk to control the movement of the ball

N4GAddict2958d ago

That sounds nice on paper

myothercar2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

This is too sad. NATAL is not accurate enough to do something like a free-throw- well, it can, but it's going to be about as authentic and challenging as Guitar Hero on Easy. From all the videos I've seen, Natal's tracking is shaky. It's so shaky that it will render precision-based movements pointless because it can't track your precise movements, well, precisely!

Move's precision is going to be much better, being able to detect the subtlest differences in acceleration and direction.

Natal is garbage, I'm telling all of you right now. Just wait and see.

renegade2959d ago

The article say it all, Natal have some problem with accuration and is more easier on the move because it can transelate your motion to 1:1. So is going to a duel of motion controllers.I see Move win it. Not bashing, Natal is great idea and revolution to gaming same with the move.

N4GAddict2958d ago

I rather just use a regular controller