G4TV: ModNation Racers Review

ModNation Racers definitely has a lot in common with LittleBigPlanet. It has plenty of quirky design and humor, emphasis on user created content, and a series of intuitive mechanics that keep the game accessible yet always challenging. In other words, it's a great combination of elements that, when lumped together, result in one hell of a fun, if occasionally frustrating, experience.

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ReBurn2902d ago

One of the characteristics of a good kart racer is that little bit of frustration it makes you feel. Bring it on!

Legosz2902d ago

Whenever I played Mario Kart I would be frustrated every single race, especially with those blue shells. I LOVE kart racers and can not wait to pick this up. The track design looks easy and I can not wait to see what the community pumps out! With this game you are basically guaranteed days of gameplay.

red2tango2902d ago

The load times are the only thing that are keeping me from buying this game

(and Red Dead Redemption) :)

DelbertGrady2901d ago

Red Dead has long load times as well? I always install all my games to the HDD. It usually helps quite a lot. Mass Effect 2 is an example of where it split the loadtimes in half.

red2tango2901d ago

No as in Red Dead Redemption is my first buy over MNR.

Skyreno2902d ago

Day one Buy >> ALSO let you guys know , IGN talk to developers and they knows loading issue is problem and they aware of it... so im sure there going be patch when game launched :)

RedPawn2902d ago

Modnation long load times vs Lost Planet 2's broken gameplay, well this is a no brainer.

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