Destructoid: Lost Planet 2 Review

Destructoid writes: "In 2007, Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was a decent start for a franchise. It featured stunning graphics that drove home the point of high-definition "next-gen" visuals, with massive, elaborately detailed monster boss battles like we hadn't seen before. It shipped with a decent multiplayer mode that Capcom continued to support, due to gamer interest, well past the game's initial release".

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g0green2930d ago

Im kinda glad this got a bad review it switches this game to a 'dont buy' so i can make room for other games. Just paid off RDR cant wait, alan wake should be great too. and when does lbp2 come out?

TrailerParkSupervisr2930d ago

I actually liked the 1st LP; wasn't the greatest but was pretty fun. I was excited for this one, thinking GOW3 epic style bosses with friends! Nope, Capcom hosed the controls, the save system, the in/out jumping and WTF is with making your allies RED and the enemies BLUE?

Oh, well. Red Dead in 5 days amigos!