Cliff B: Heavy Rain 'The Birth of Its Own Genre'

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski is a huge fan of Quantic Dream's PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain, even going so far as to say it is the "birth of its own genre".

Bleszinski admits that's it's somewhat odd for him to be such a Heavy Rain fan - a slow, thoughtful game that promotes thought and tact - being the guy responsible for balls-out gorefests like Gears of War. But a fan he is.

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MexicanAppleThief2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I think there's a market for these kind of games, after all Heavy Rain did a million in a month, and I'm pretty sure it'll do 2 - 2.5 million in lifetime sales, maybe even more.

Its nice see risky games like Heavy Rain get critical and commercial success and prove the naysayers wrong at the same time. Looking foward to David Cage's next project. :)

Rock Bottom2961d ago

I enjoyed the demo, and loved Fahrenheit, will pick HR one day, just waiting for it to reach a more tempting price tag.

execution172961d ago

and just buy it, i buy most of my games day one and i'm one a tight budget

SaiyanFury2960d ago

I loved the Heavy Rain demo. I haven't gotten it yet due to financial concerns with my mountain bike (it's my biggest hobby) but I do plan on getting it in the near future. I spend most of my money on my bike, which now is worth over 2 grand, so less money is spent on games. But the demo was great, and the game really is unto itself, a new genre. In my opinion it's better than most movies that come out of Hollywood these days. Interactive art is the wave of the future I predict, in the form of such games.

Das_Bastardion2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Im also will be really glad if he just STFU and make a PS3 exclusive using at leats 80% of the King of Consoles Power

dgroundwater2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

You can't just be happy for Bulletstorm? Business is business why is that so hard to understand?

sikbeta2961d ago

HR is Great (thx Sony & QD for giving me Variety over the same oversatureted Cr**) but Indigo/F came First, so it's not like a "new genre", anyways

HR > Indigo/F in every way possible

badz1492961d ago

where was he when Fahrenheit was released last gen? and even when HR was released like 3 months ago? kinda late for that kind of comment to be honest! I think if HR didn't find success in terms of sales, he might say something else like "the market is not there for games like HR" or something!

aaron58292961d ago

It's a movie !!


Gosh, i still love heavy rain til this day.. i bought this game the first day it was available here...

I still play it... targeting the platinum... damn the kamikaze trophy

I'm no trophy geek, i get platinums for games that i really really love.. e.g Uncharted 1 and 2 ..

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NYC_Gamer2961d ago

love sony for taking that huge risk with heavy rain and it worked

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kaveti66162961d ago

I'm waiting for the day Saaking will take a risk and not make an underhanded bash at Microsoft in his comments.

On-topic: Heavy Rain paid off for the devs and I'm happy to see Cliff Blezinski praising it.


You mean Quantic Dream, it's a 3rd Party Developer.

Greywulf2961d ago

Then pointing out where it falls short. It hasn't tried to be a adventure game.

Its like complaining that Gran Turismo doesn't have enough platforming.

Glad that Cliffy has spoken on it, because now the Media that absolutely loathes Sony will perk up their ears at least. Might reconsider its 4/10 next time around.

Das_Bastardion2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Who THE FVCK need those loosers to form an opinion over a game?

You must really be a fvcking zombie if you let fat virgin kids like Jim Sterling or "dogs" like hip hop gamer actually make an influence on your point of view.

Video Game Critics are only useful when you want to hit someone right in the face with a falcon punch.

doG_beLIEfs2961d ago

So Sony and the PS3 have spawned not 1 but 2 NEW genres this generation. Nintendo can't even put out a NEW IP, yet here is Sony not only putting out NEW IP's but NEW genres. In this day and age 30+ years into gaming...just coming up with 1 new genre would be amazing.

IMO, the PS3 is the BEST Playstation ever and I have the original phatty with a 500GB HDD. Thanks again visionary mother frakker you.

Play, Create, Share...LBP1 and LBP2, MNR...and ?

Interactive Drama....Heavy Rain...and ?

Kratos Spartan2961d ago

in less than 5 years. And Uncharted 2, the most critically acclaimed game of all time. That is mind boggling. What is next.

Dawn_Of_Ashes2961d ago

you see dude huge, its not that hard to say something brillant!

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