Nukezilla: MotorHEAT Review (XBLIG)

Nukezilla: "MotorHEAT stands proud alongside the similarly addictive Decimation X in extolling the virtues of Xbox Live Indie Games as a nouveau-arcade for console gamers"

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wardrox2775d ago

I wish more people played indie games instead of the generic whatever-is-the-next-big-game.

triumphofhearts2775d ago

It's small, so hardly likely to replace a triple A release, but genuinely brilliant. I got so many hours out of this it's unreal.

spann2775d ago

Is it odd that the first thing I thought of was Egyptian Run on the Amiga when I read 'constantly accelerating car'?

bart9992775d ago

This has me thinking, MotorHEAT wasn't on my radar before.