GT5 Tire Grip

News of the new Nurburgring Demo.

New features of the game include a tyre grip penalty which temporarily reduces grip if you go off the track and onto the grass or into the gravel. It takes around three to four corners to retain full grip again. Drivers will also feel like they are in the hot seat when they crash into a guard rail and sparks fly.”

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sinncross2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Oh wow, great addition.

But Just get this game out in time for Christmas!!!!

I and millions of others need to play this!!

thereapersson2990d ago

It's nice to know you can't just fly off the course and then come right back onto the tarmac, in an attempt to slam into your opponent. I've seen people do this in Forza's online mode, and it's fucking ridiculous (albiet hilarious to see).

It's good to see Gran Turismo focusing on actually being a skilled driver, and not some Destruction Derby maniac.

somesonyguy2990d ago

apparently they turned off the damn curse blocking feature on the new N4G too...


Because GT is the R.D.S for Consoles.

Nicholas Cage2990d ago

ive been waiting for this for soo long, i refused to buy prologue because i wanted the authentic full blown gt. and its been hard but gt is almost here, and im very very pleased.

thereapersson2990d ago

Same here, Nicholas. I decided not to pick up Prologue for that same reason, because as much as it eats at me inside to not be playing Gran Turismo, I wanted to be completely fresh and new to Gran Turismo 5 when I pick it up later this year.

The wait is killing me, but then again you can't rush perfection; You can half-ass things, or you can take your time and do it right.

SeanRL2990d ago

Did anyone else find that it was actually over-realistic?

saoco2990d ago

well first off a little background. i own 2 miatas, 1 is an 91 and the other a mazdaspeed turbo both modified. i used to autocross, before having a family (too expensive). the last GT5 demo was the closest game to reality that i have ever played. ppl complain about "how it's hard to control" but that's how it is on a i powered car, reason why miatas are outstanding for autocross great handling nimble and not overpowering for amateurs. trust me take a high powered rwd on a track, pay attention to details an compare it to the game. im not trying to make u look bad, but the penalty thing? not over-realistic. i was on my 91 when i was stationed in Virginia, and got run off the track by a pissed off evo driver and my suspension bottomed out and my tires felt a little slick when i hopped back on the road. yes it's true.

i also tried forza 3 and i liked it but once i tried that TT demo i was sold. trust me. it's still not on-par with real life but it is the closest thing i have played so far. and my msm is very strong and i do loose control every once in a while.

aaron58292990d ago


That's exactly it !

steve30x2990d ago

No its not over realistic. Gran Turismo is all about having a racing game as close to real as possible. If you dont like that then its time to play a different racing game.

UltraNova2990d ago

This game is shaping up to be a juggernaut! It will suck the life out of many people when it comes out I m sure.

All we need at E3 is just a release date.

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“New features of the game include a tyre grip penalty which temporarily reduces grip if you go off the track and onto the grass or into the gravel. It takes around three to four corners to retain full grip again."

WOAH! that's exactly what happens in the real world. Yamauchi's attention to detail is off the hook! What's even more insane is that sparks will fly all over the place when you grind your car on the rails which is just awesome.

Great work PD!

karlowma2990d ago

Sweet, so I get to watch a light-show while I rail-grind my way to victory!

Vive la REAL driving simulator!

Oh, the grip thing is cool.

Faztkiller2990d ago

PD are awesome never seen Racing game this amazing

PirateThom2990d ago

If they get the weather in there.... and have the wet tracks... could be insane.

LeonSKennedy4Life2990d ago

If it looks as good as I think it will, more than the tracks will be wet when I play it. ;)

PS360PCROCKS2990d ago

eww Leon you pee your pants? ;)

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